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Messenger of the Covenant – Wretchedness [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore
Messenger of the Covenant is a deathcore band hailing from Fresno, California. They have been a band since 2011. Their first release was We Demolish in 2012, and their second EP, Wretchedness, came out in 2013. Their influences are I Declare War, Infant Annihilator, and Thy Art Is Murder. 
Now to the album… It’s a solid EP. It sticks to the guitar chugging type of instrumentals throughout the entire album. The vocals are okay, mostly low screams and high screams. The only improvement for the vocals I can see if that the vocalist needs to work on pronouncing everything better, so it sounds more clear and understandable.
The second song from this album is “Cognitive Dissonance.” This song is like being hit in the face with a brick, but while you watch the brick coming towards your face, the motion slows down and speeds up sporadically. The instrumentals in the song are very slow for some parts of the song, and then in the chorus (and other parts) speed up quite a bit. It really sounds like one prolonged breakdown from start to finish. The vocals stick to low screams, high screams, and some gutturals thrown in. Like previously stated, the only thing I dislike is the lack of pronunciation and the vocals being barely understandable. 
“Burden” is the fifth and shortest song off of Wretchedness. This song is a lot more faster than “Cognitive Dissonance” and I think that is mostly due to the shortness of the song. Usually, the smaller the song, the higher the pace and more “in your face” type of sound. The instrumentals keep to the guitar chugging sound, except it is a bit more faster and not as drawn out as the previous song covered. Vocally, it is about the same as every other song on the EP; low screams, high screams, and some gutturals thrown in. 
Wretchedness is a solid/okay EP. It definitely lacks variety and some of the songs kind of mesh together after listening to it straight through. However, it does provide the listener with some crushing breakdowns, down tempo sounding instrumentals, and some heavy low vocals. It is worth checking out through their Bandcamp page, and definitely worth the $1 price tag. So! If you’re into deathcore, breakdowns, slow guitar chugging, and the like, check out Messenger of the Covenant and their new EP Wretchedness now!

Score: 3/5

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