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Massive Repulsive – Sounds To Possess By [REVIEW]

Genre: Death Metal
Massive Repulsive’s debut album Sounds To Possess By has six tracks and roughly 20 minutes worth of materials. It is filled with a symphonic death metal feel and sound. It’s introduction track, “Sounds To Possess By,” is an instrumental song that is filled from beginning to end of a piano being played. It was a good choice for this to be an introduction track, because it helps built up the excitement for the following song.
“Immaculate Incubation” is the following track to “Sounds To Possess By.” It starts out with more piano but breaks into guitar riffs and blast beats. Screams by Truman break in, which transition from black metal-like high screams and low screams. The pace of this song is stupidly fast with little slowing down. There is a small breakdown at 1:25 that lasts until 1:34, at which time more piano comes in, but only lasts a little while until the regular pace of the song comes back in. The breakdown isn’t the typical breakdown you normally hear in most deathcore music, as it doesn’t have much, if any, guitar chugging.
The third track is “The Possessor (Feat. Jared Sebastian)” and it starts out with a guitar solo that accompany drums. This song keeps up the thrash metal-like pace that “Immaculate Incubation” had with its speediness. Truman’s vocals are about the same as they were in the previous song as well, which shows he has good range and control over his vocals. There is a minor break at around 2:00 which slows down the pace. However, it doesn’t last long. The song keeps the same pace and sound majority of the time, except for some small breaks that either slow down the song or speed it up. The song is ended with a guitar solo by Zack.
I originally thought Sounds To Possess By was going to be a deathcore album under the guise of death metal, which has happened to me in the past. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Massive Repulsive is purely death metal with no influence of deathcore to be heard. As much as I love deathcore, I do love me some good ol’ unadulterated death metal. Sounds To Possess By is a great album and everything that is in the album all works together perfectly; nothing is overdone or under-done. If you’re intro death metal, or old school death metal, you will definitely want to check this out.
Score: 4/5
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