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Make Them Suffer’s New Single “Requiem” Is Awesome

Before I begin, I’ll do a quick backstory of Make Them Suffer. They’re a symphonic deathcore band who released one great album (Neverbloom), one great EP (Lord of Woe), and a good demo (Make Them Suffer). Now they plan to release a new album on May 29th, titled Old Souls, through Road Runner (you can pre-order that here). 

(tl;dr at bottom)

Before the announcement of Old Souls they released a single a few months ago, called “Let Me In,” and it received a lot of flak. Basically the band took on a new sound, more standardized metalcore, and removed all the elements that made their music stand out. Personally, I thought it was an okay stand alone song, but turned me off from the band because I fell in love with their older music, especially Neverbloom.

Now, I’m here to say, that if you’re one of the few (or many) people who turned their backs to Make Them Suffer because of that single, it’s time to face them, because their recently released single “Requiem” is fucking amazing. They come back with everything I fell in love with; symphonic ambience, progressive overtones, and great heavy sounding vocals. It’s not something you want to miss, so much so that I embedded the video below for you to listen to without having to go to another website. So listen to it, now.

tl;dr: “Requiem” is awesome, “Let Me In” not so much. Listen to “Requiem” now.

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