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Lost Without Direction – Directions [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Progressive Metalcore
Lost Without Direction’s debut album Directions is something worth checking out, if you’re into progressive metalcore. It has experimental metal influences as well, which is something that adds to the solid foundation Lost Without Direction has. The album is made up of 13 tracks and about 40 minutes worth of materials, and with this album being free to download, it’s a pretty good deal.
“Distorted” is the sixth song off of Directions. It has a very strong experimental and progressive feel to it. The pace is upbeat and fast, and it sounds like all the instrumentals are going every which way. This is what I like the most about this song, that there is always something going on in every second of the song. With that being said, the instrumentals are top notch and is something that stands out. The vocals are also good, mostly high screams are used and match the song’s sound/feel very well. 
The ninth song off of Directions is “Compass.” It has a very similar feel to it that “Distorted” had. This being that it combines elements of experimental metal and progressive metalcore. However, this song is a bit slower paced than “Distorted” in some parts; which is a nice touch. Instrumentally, it is good and vocally, it is also good. The same style of vocals are used, which I dislike, as I like variety.
The final song off of this album is “My End” and it’s an instrumental song that ends off the album. For most of the song, it is very slow pace and has the same guitar chords being strummed consecutively. About half way in, it starts to pick up and become more melodic sounding, but it goes back to its slower pace/sound to end off the song.
Directions is a good album. The sound Lost Without Direction gives is something I really like, so this album didn’t disappoint. The only thing I found is that they do not try to stray away from their original sound. Basically, they lack variety from song to song, and with the exception of songs parts sounding different, the whole of the song sounds very similar to another song. I think for their next release, they should try something different or add something to their already solid sound. Either way, check out Directions!

Score: 3.5/5

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