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Lorna Shore – Maleficium [REVIEW]

Genre: Deathcore
Lorna Shore first single for 2013, “Maleficium” is one really, really, heavy song. It is three minutes and 22 seconds, which is filled to the brim with guitar chugging, breakdowns, and brutal screams. Throughout the entire song, Tom Barber’s vocals vary from low to high screams, showing his vocal range and how well he can scream. Though the song is filled with guitar chugging and breakdowns, Adam De Micco’s guitar playing is very well done and shown properly at 1:52 in the song, which begins a guitar solo. The solo then stops at around 2:05 in the song. Which transitions into one large breakdown, with Adam’s guitar and Austin’s drums, it makes for one of the heaviest breakdowns I have heard in 2013 thus far. The outro of this song is a guitar solo with a progressive sounds layered underneath it, also mixed with low screams by Tom. This solo shows, again, how well Adam can play his instrument.
This song proves once again that Lorna Shore is one of the heaviest deathcore bands out there currently, and “Maleficium” is one of the heaviest tracks to grace my ears this year. I really look forward to what Lorna Shore has to offer with their 2013 album release, and I will definitely be picking that album up whenever it releases.

Single Score: 5 / 5

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