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Looking Back: Impartial Dismemberment – Personification of A Killer

From 2007 till 2010, there existed an outfit that many today would describe as true Deathcore. They went by the name Impartial Dismemberment, and their only release was an EP in 2008 titled Personification Of A Killer.

The sound and style of this band was messy and all over the place – everything a metal elitist would hate, but that’s what made this band sound so good – they had accomplished a trademark that few Grindcore bands could, and a concept many Deathcore bands could only dream of. Perhaps it is the absence of engineering in the tracks which give that raw feel, or perhaps it’s just a natural human taste that receives it so well.

To give an example, the track “Reflective Stasis” has that sweep picking over a breakdown cliche happening, yet it sounds like you are in a garage or rehearsal room with them as it’s happening, and thereby, one could expect no less from a live performance.

The other important feature of this EP is the unpredictable directions the songs rudely and unapologetically take. “Masochist’s Illusion” for instance comes off slamming before derailing into a Grindcore frenzy. The drums are both impressive and obnoxious at the same time. The vocalist squeals, screams and toilet bowls in such a manner that fans of Waking The Cadaver would easily be won over.

I think the easiest track to follow and predict would be “Infected Anomaly” due to it’s verse-chorus-verse-bridge Metalcore arpeggiated riffs and Breakdowns. Recording-wise, it’s like a chef had used a hammer to prepare a steak, but by god, your mouth still waters at the right amount of gravy.

“This Time” was the song that would be made into a video clip, and for all the right reasons too. One might wonder, what does it take to immortalise a song in ones mind? Especially in a genre where very few traits distinguish a band from the hundreds of others on the web. Well, I would say a song’s catchiness because ultimately, whether you’re a Korean guy riding an imaginary horse, or a couple of English kids dry-humping one another in a park, the video clip is only as good as the catchy parts of the song. The memorable segment in the song is the “CRY YOUR EYES OUT… Bitch!” Would have been meme-worthy too, such as the “I broke up with my gf” starter pack, among many others.

Overall, if Deathcore was a religion, not having heard Personification of A Killer would be a sacrilege. It’s incredibly easy to find on the internet. Impartial Dismemberment, if you’re reading this, a comeback would be pretty flipping fantastic right about now.

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