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Live Interview With Voices!

Kevin caught up with metalcore band, Voices in Indianapolis!

Kevin (PSAB): What is everybodys name and duties in the band?

Voices: Marco Simpson-Vocals
Tony Winters-Guitar
Drake Dell-Guitar
Blaine Gaiser-Vocals
Jake Buckner-Drums
Greg Hill-Bass

Kevin (PSAB): Where did the name “Voices” come from?

Voices: We actually debated about it for a long time. We had other names like I Ruin. I(Blaine) was in a disc replay and saw a movie called Voices. We have two vocalists so I thought it seemed pretty fitting. We battled about it though. We had voting sessions and even once I think there was a hanging chad. Before we ever came out with anything we got together and just wanted to write a lot before we revealed ourselves. People would always ask what our name was and at the point in time we didn’t have one so we just said “Slut Factory”. Finally “Voices” caught on because our lyrics are very positive. We wanted to be that helpful voice for the younger generation.

Kevin (PSAB): What was the best show you have played?

Marco (Voices): That rap show. Im really into new school hip hop. Some point I saw an add going around facebook for a hip hop show. I thought itd be funny if a metal band got on the bill. It was 20 rappers and lasted til 3 am. We had no idea how rap shows worked. It was just a dj and they kept switching rappers on stage. We didn’t play until midnight. When we walked in we got the meanest looks ever. Now keep in mind that these people never listened to heavy metal. Probably not even radio rock. When we started everybody lost their fucking minds. On the last song we played our heaviest breakdown we have. The rappers started to come up on stage with us and everything. It was amazing. Our 2nd show was with I See Stars and Like Moths to Flames. Another that comes to mind would be with Crown the Empire that was way oversold.

Kevin (PSAB): What about the worst show?

Voices: We hadn’t practiced our set in awhile and we learned that night to never drink before a show again. Everybody fucked something up (Greg Hill-not me but that’s okay lol). After that show we had like a 30 minute meeting outside and realized that should never happen again. The next show we had was one of the best shows we ever played.

Kevin (PSAB): It’s awesome you guys have that kind of communication. Does that flow into the writing process?

Voices: Absolutely. We usually just start off with a riff and everybody starts adding to it. We never reject anything. We will always try what people throw on the table. If it doesn’t work at that point in time, we set it to the side just incase we decide to revisit it later on.

Kevin (PSAB): What bands or artist would you like to collaborate with?

Voices: Memphis May Fire
Blaine-R&B singer Miguel
Jake-August Burns Red or Issues
Greg-Old Sworn In
Drake-When I was younger Parkway Drive. For now Fit For a King

Kevin (PSAB): What do you see in the future for Voices?

Voices: Getting on the road more and play more out of state shows.

Kevin (PSAB): Any message to the fans

Blaine (Voices): Check us out if you like us. Thank you. Even if you have something negative to say, thank you. All feedback is helpful. That will make us a better band.

Tony (Voices): Hi mom

(Marco wanted to fistbump the voice recorder)

Voices’ Contacts/Merch: Website, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp.

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