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Live Interview With Shadow of Intent!

Kevin caught out deathcore act, Shadow of Intent’s guitarist Chris!

Kevin (PSAB): So what is everybodys name and duty in the band?

Chris (SOI): Chris Wiseman-everything but 98% of the vocals

   Ben Duerr-almost all the vocals

Kevin (PSAB): How did you guys come up with the name?

Chris (SOI): Shadow of Intent is a carrier ship from the Halo series. Since the lyrics are themed about Halo events, it seemed fitting.

Kevin (PSAB): Are you guys planning any touring coming up?

Chris (SOI): Nope, hard to tour with only two people. haha

Kevin (PSAB): So basically just sticking to internet based?

Chris (SOI): Yeah. we might play some shows with live members at some point but at the moment I’ve been too busy with other stuff for that

Kevin (PSAB): Who are some of the biggest influences in your sound?

Chris (SOI): Ben takes a lot of vocal influence from Travis Ryan, Shagrath, Phil Bozeman, Mikael Akerfeldt and a bunch more, for the instrumentals I’m pretty influenced by As Blood Runs Black, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dimmu Borgir, Dream Theater, Septicflesh, Within the Ruins, and Ovids Withering.

Kevin (PSAB): Dream Theater? Very different style there? Any specific reasons

Chris (SOI): Dream Theater is my favorite band. John Petrucci is my favorite guitarist, so little things tend to creep in just a little bit.

Kevin (PSAB): You had mentioned Halo theme? What made you decide to stick to that?
Chris (SOI): It wasnt really my decision but i wasnt necessarily opposed either. Ben had a lot of Halo-lyrics ready and I had a lot of songs ready so it made sense to run with it since it was coming out well.

Kevin (PSAB): With all the different genres of music out there, do you see anything that is getting used way too much and also not enough?

Chris (SOI): Yes I instantly got tired of beatdown and downtempo bands and figured there were instantly more than enough of those. But honestly there’s probably too much of everything there are so many musicians out there. I would like to see more black metal influences in deathcore though. Like Ovids Withering and Lorelei.

Kevin (PSAB): Minus John Petrucci, who would you like to collaborate with?

Chris (SOI): Oh man, it’d be a dream of mine to do something with Jason Richardson of Chelsea Grin, but honestly I probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with him haha. As for Ben, any of the aforementioned influences.

Kevin (PSAB): What do you see in the future for Shadow of Intent?

Chris (SOI): I’m gonna try to get a playthrough video out at some point for our song ‘The Battle of the Maginot Sphere’, and we’re gonna keep promoting/selling Primordial and merchandise until it’s time for some new material.

Kevin (PSAB): Any final words for the fans and newcomers?

Chris (SOI): We appreciate every single one of you that have helped turning what was absolutely nothing but some demos two years ago into the incredibly supportive fanbase we have today.

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