Live Interview With Occult Deceiver!

One of our interviewers, Kevin, caught up with trash metal/crust band Occult Deceiver in Indianapolis, IN.

Kevin: -What Is everybody’s name and duty in the band?

OD: Ty Winslow – Vocals
Jeff Parks – Guitar and Vocals
Jesse Junker – Guitar
Dre Duarte – Drums
Brien Barr – Keyboard
Josh McClain – Bass

Kevin: How did you guys come up with the name “Occult Deceiver”?

OD: It was Jeffs idea. He thought it sounded kind of mysterious, and we all thought it sounded pretty metal. So we went with it.

Kevin: Well that’s a pretty simple way to come up with a name.

OD: Haha yeah. We were just throwing around ideas and that was the one that everybody could agree on.

Kevin: What has been the craziest thing you have seen at one of your shows?

OD: We haven’t really had anything too crazy happen, but If I had to say it would probably be when a dude was having his birthday party at the show and was so drunk when we went on that he was falling down all over the place. He was trying to mosh but he would just fall down, get back up and then fall right back down.

Kevin: Some people just cant handle themselves, but then again we have all done some crazy stuff.

OD: Hey, we’ve all gone overboard a few times.

Kevin: Yes we have. If you had to chose your favorite show that you have played which would that be?

OD: Oh man that’s tough. We’ve played a lot of great shows. My (Ty) would probably be the Soup ad Mooke Smith benefit show. They’re brothers that were in a really bad car accident and the show was put on to help the pay for their medical bills. The crowd was great and it was really awesome to see so many people come together to help some others out. My parents even showed up hahah.

Kevin: Just goes to show that metal fans like us and bands like you guys aren’t the “hate filled assholes” society thinks we are. I love seeing and hearing about stuff like this.

OD: Exactly.

Kevin: So what are the future plans for Occult Deceiver?

OD: We recorded our debut album in November and we are working on getting that mixed and mastered and getting the artwork complete so we can get it released this spring.We are planning on having a release show for it here in Indianapolis. In the mean time, we have got some local shows scheduled around Indy.

Kevin: Very awesome. Cant wait to hear the fully mastered cut.

OD: Yeah, me too. We have hear the pre-mastered mixes for a couple of songs and they are sounding pretty good so far.

Kevin: What are the major influences in your band? What would this debut album be for fans of?

OD: Major influences are Goatwhore, Skeletonwitch, Suffocation, Deicide, Slayer, Testament, and Sepultura. I guess it would be for fans of extreme metal. People that can enjoy death metal, black metal, thrash metal, and crust. We pretty much just mix in different styles and go with what we think sounds good.

Kevin: Very nice range of different styles there. Seems like you will cover a very wide base of fans.

OD: Hopefully.

Kevin: So last question. Do you have any last words for the people that are just now finding out about Occult Deceiver and the fans to come?

OD: I hope they enjoy our music, and come to shows and hang out with us. We just love to play music and party.

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