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Live Interview with Noisem!


Genre(s): Death Metal/Grindcore
Location: Baltimore, MD

Our live interviewer, David, caught up with Noisem recently at one of their shows. Check out the interview below! Also, special thanks to Noisem for allowing David to interview you!

PSAB: What’s it like touring with Carcass, Obituary, and Exhumed?

Noisem: An absolute dream come true. Watching all of these bands every night makes us try to better ourselves and attempt to at least make a dent in the interest of the crowd in comparison to these legends.

PSAB: Craziest story of the tour so far . .

Noisem: We met our guardian angel at a rest stop outside of El Paso. That day we had blown a tire, gone off

the side of the highway and pretty much came 50 yards from either hitting a tree on the left side or plummeting off a cliff to the right. Luckily our MERCH dude Sam (also the guitarist of Jarhead Fertilizer) was driving and was able to safely stop us from either flipping or continuing going through to our deaths. But anyway. that night we were just at the rest stop and this dude comes up to us, so we begin talking. Then all of a sudden he goes into discussing the various music videos he has been in such as “In Too Deep” by Sum 41 and “Smooth Criminal” by Alien Ant Farm. 

To cut this short, the next day, we blew another tire on route to Tucson. He just so happened to be driving by, and was generous enough to drive us all to the tire shop while the van was being towed. That night he followed us to the show and he told us about how much he loved Soulfly, etc. But yeah, that was definitely my favorite moment.

PSAB: Best/worst place you played on this tour.

Noisem: Definitely Richmond. That night was great because a lot of our Baltimore homies came down and raged. Good time.

PSAB: I just listened to Agony defined. Very unrelenting thrash/grind/death, you guys didn’t fuck around on this record. I literally was sweating by the end of the third song from running around my house. What were you guys going for on this record?

Noisem: All of the material on Agony was written before I joined the band, but It was mostly just our take on old school death/thrash. It was what we wanted to hear from a band at that time and I think it turned out well judging upon how positive the response has been.

PSAB: Biggest influences?

Noisem: All of us will have a different answer, but for me personally it’s definitely Repulsion, Terrorizer, Slayer, the classics. I also think for a lot of the newer stuff we’ve been taking more of an influence from stuff like Infest and Crossed Out, old school hardcore, etc. Lyrically I would definitely have to say my biggest influences are Robert Smith, Jacob Bannon. Stuff like that.

PSAB: How long have you been a band, how did it start?

Noisem: I guess the band “officially” started in 2008. Harley and Sebastian are brothers so they’ve always been playing together. But for the sound we have now we probably I would say we began in 2010/2011 when we were Necropsy. I joined the band in 2012 and we haven’t really changed since.

PSAB: What is the Maryland scene like?

Noisem: Depends. I think the Baltimore punk scene is thriving and there are a lot of great bands. Check out Dopecopper, Putrisect, Barbelith.

PSAB: Anything we should keep an eye or ear out for in 2015?

Noisem: We’re going to be making some announcements in the next few weeks regarding that. Stay tuned!

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