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Live Interview With Hatchling!

Kevin caught up with Eddie Inman, vocalist of death metal band Hatchling!

Kevin (PSAB): What is everybody’s name and duties in the band?

Eddie (Hatchling): Steven Harnell-drums
Derek Steele-Guitar and handles most of our recording
Ian Inman-Guitar and provides backup vocals
JD Sims-Bass
Eddie Inman-Lead Vocals

Kevin (PSAB): How did you guys come up with the name Hatchling?

Eddie (Hatchling): It’s actually inspired by the Metroid series of video games. A particular “metroid” is often called the hatchling and the protagonist of the series, Samus Aran, is even referred to as being a “hatchling’ by the Chozo bird race who raised her.

Kevin (PSAB): What are some of the main inspirations of your sound?

Eddie (Hatchling): To list a handful of bands, probably Cryptopsy, Dream Theater, Unhuman, Cynic, Death, and Neuraxis but we are influenced by so much. The good, healthy thing about Hatchling is that to some people, we are referred to as progressive death metal or tech death, while others interpret the sound as being blackened death metal, melodeath or whatever. It’s cool that people pick up on different colors to the music because so many different things contribute to the overall sound. With this band, we have created an outlet for every style of music we enjoy to be thrown and diverted through it. If we feel like taking some busy, chaotic brutal death metal riffing and try to somehow mix in some Swedish melody, we do it….even if we are no “supposed to” do it.

We have a lot of influence from second wave black metal as well which inspires us to create those big, open atmospheric passages which is refreshing and satisfying to us. We all love the low register riffing with Steven blasting through it but what really makes that shine is when you draw that contrast and allow things to open. Vocally, it’s like an extreme metal playground when you come in to write for this music. We draw inspiration vocally from a lot of black metal, some brutal death death metal like Heinous Killings, Disgorge or Wormed for the less articulated and more monstrous tones and we just try to tie the vocals into what best suits the music at that point. Our ideology is that the bigger your arsenal or more diverse your palette, the better you’re able to facilitate ideas and the more original they can become. Nothing is out of the question with this band and we play what we want to play.

Kevin (PSAB): What if any would be the one person/band that you guys would love to collaborate with?

Eddie (Hatchling): I think where we are now suits us well. We have who we consider an honorary member, Josh Heagy, who was instrumental in laying the foundation for this band. We hadn’t yet met Steven, had no drummer and would sit around in his room twelve hours a day with guitars writing and just playing with ideas. You can hear some of his ideas and even guitar playing on “The Sleep Scriptures” and you’ll hear more from him on our new music as well.

We actually had our friend, Lanis Watkins, master our album for us. We knew he understood our sound better than anyone else outside the band would as we’ve played music with him and recorded some material as well. We’ve known him for a long time and he created the exact production we wanted rather than throw our recordings through some cookie-cutter template like people often do. He’s a fantastic vocalist and song-writer. He may make an appearance later on with us.

Kevin (PSAB): What are your guilty pleasures in music?

Eddie (Hatchling): I don’t think we feel all that guilty about what we listen to, honestly. We all listen to and enjoy so many different styles of music. It’s cool to go back and listen to what you enjoyed as a kid skating around and not caring about anything. Some times on the way to practice we’re listening to Suffocation and some times we’re belting out bad 2000s radio rock.

Kevin (PSAB): What do you see in the future for Hatchling?

Eddie (Hatchling): We see a sound growing without compromise and without latching onto what is trendy. There’s so much room to grow with this project and as long as we have ideas, they’ll collect and released through Hatchling. It only expands from here. We’re already writing for the second album and it’s sounding more mature than what we’ve done so far. We’re further establishing our sound and eager to see and hear where it goes.

Kevin (PSAB): And finally do you have any words for the future fans that are just now finding out about you guys?

Eddie (Hatchling): First of all, thank you to anyone who takes any amount of time out of their day to check out our music. We appreciate it more than you know. If you enjoyed “The Sleep Scriptures”, we’ve got some new material with which we’re toying that will make for an interesting second release and we hope you’re on board with it, too. Now that we’ve had a chance to dig in our feet, you’ll see more of us and we fully intend to continue releasing our own brand of extreme music for anyone willing to listen. Thanks again!

Hatchling’s Bandcamp

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