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Live Interview With Cattle Decapitation!

Sean, one of our live interviews, caught up with Josh, the guitarist of Cattle Decapitation while they were on the Fall 2015 US Tour with Cannibal Corpse (live interview with Paul of CC here) and Soreption! Sean also provides a small review of the show at the bottom of the interview!

Sean:  You’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years – what would you be doing if not for Cattle Decapitation?

Josh:  (Laughs) Probably groveling for grant money or teaching – something with my academic degree.

Sean:  Your music focuses on themes like the mistreatment of animals and environmental abuse – is it hard to keep writing on these themes over 7 albums?

Josh:  The scope has broadened, but it’s honestly Travis with the ideas.  People still associate us with the animal mistreatment, but now it’s more about humanity and how they’re poisoning the environment.  It’s a big umbrella of a general idea of how humanity is impacting the world.

Sean:  Talk to me about The Anthropocene Extinction – it’s only been out a couple months and has hit #5 on the Top Hard Rock Billboard!

Josh:  I would have never thought we’d ever have an album on any Billboard chart.  Since no one buys mainstream music anymore, metal is starting to show up on charts – Monolith hit 177 on the Billboard, and this actually hit 41!  I called my wife when it happened and was like, “You’re not going to believe this.”

Sean:  What was it like working with Phil Anselmo (guest vocals on “Prophets Of Loss” from The Anthropocene Extinction)?  Who would you like to work with in the future?

Josh:  It was actually all done remotely.  John (tour manager) is friends with Phil, sent him a part, and he actually did the whole thing in his studio.  I’d love to work with Ihsahn from Emperor someday.

Sean:  Who would play you in the movie about your life?

Josh: (Laughs and thinks for a minute) I’ve heard all kinds of different answers, from Michael Keaton for my lips, whatever the hell that means, to Tim Robbins to Ned Beatty – that last one was from a different band almost 20 years ago.

Sean:  You just wrapped up a headlining tour, and now you’re touring with the legendary Cannibal Corpse.  What’s life look like off tour?

Josh:  This tour finishes in November, then we have a little time off until the end of January, then I think it’s like a month on, two months off for a while.  We all have occupations outside this to facilitate this – people seem to think this is all we do, but we work like crazy elsewhere just to make this happen.

Sean:  Lastly, are you starting to hear your influence in other bands?

Josh:  Y’know, kids will say “You’re a big influence on us!”, but honestly, we don’t hear it a lot of the time.  We have such an odd writing style, and it’s really hard to simulate.

(Side note:  Josh was incredibly humble and down-to-earth, and was very patient with me.)

Sean’s review of the show as a whole:

A quick show review, as promised:  The night started with a local (I think?) band called Wings of Steel.  They were honestly hilarious.  The members were each “named” after flavors of chicken wings, and their vocalist/bass player played a solo that was seriously called “Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain With A Cowbell”.

Up next was Soreption, who I wasn’t familiar with at all.  Fantastic technical death metal.  Their vocalist uses a boxing announcer style microphone and has a fantastic accent when he speaks between songs.  Definitely worth seeing if you ever get a chance.

Cattle Decapitation stole the show for the night.  A blistering set of old and new songs.  They blast through their music with very little downtime, and watching Travis (vocals) perform is something else.  Probably in my top 5 bands I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something.

The closer for the night was none other than the legendary Cannibal Corpse.  It was fascinating not only seeing a band that’s been going for 30 years, but seeing some fans that were older than I am (I’m 33) headbanging right along.  Another stellar set.  They’ve got this down to a science, but they still have fun doing it.

And, here’s a small gallery of photos Sean took at the show.

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