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Live Interview With Carnifex!

Kevin caught up with Corey, the drummer of deathcore act Carnifex in Indianapolis, IN.

Kevin: How did you guys come up with the name Carnifex?

Carnifex: We had a few names thrown around and remembered the word carnifex(derived from old English) and thought it sounded kind of cool. Then we looked it up an found that it meant executioner. Then we really liked it. haha

Kevin: What’s the worst injury somebody has sustained while on tour?

Carnifex: Oh man! Has anybody been hurt? I really don’t remember any injuries. I mean right now we are all kind of sick if that counts. I just really don’t think anybody has been seriously injured.

Kevin: Well, if that’s the case it seems like you guys have been pretty lucky on tour. What’s one artists or band you guys would love to collaborate with?

Carnifex: I’m no really into collaborations but if I had to choose anybody it would be Joey Jordison from Slipknot. He has always been an inspiration behind my drumming. I am actually playing his signature series snare tonight.

Kevin: Very nice. Are there any specific tours or festivals you would love to play?

Carnifex: Absolutely! We will play most anything. The main one that I would love to play would have to be Soundwave in Australia. The festivals over there are amazing.

Kevin: And finally….What is in the near future for Carnifex?

Carnifex: Well finish off this tour and continue to tour the rest of the year. Then we are hitting the studio in the spring of 2016 to record our new album and then hit the road for that. Hopefully maybe be on Summer Slaughter or Mayhem

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