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Live Interview With Cannibal Corpse!

Our live interview, Sean, caught up with Paul, the drummer of Cannibal Corpse, and Josh from Cattle Decapitation (that interview will be up soon!) at one of their shows during the Fall 2015 US Tour.

DISCLAIMER: The following interviews are paraphrased and are NOT exact quotes.  The video wasn’t working on my phone, so the answers to my questions are taken from handwritten notes.  Again, I am PARAPHRASING the answers that these two amazing musicians gave.  Thanks.

Sean:  You’ve been doing this for 30 years now – at this point, what would you be doing if you weren’t in Cannibal Corpse?

Paul: That’s a good question, and a hard one to answer.  I always wanted to be an athlete or a musician, but the band happened so early that none of us went to college.  I took mechanical drawing and architectural drawing in high school and did drywall for 5 years, so probably something there, but honestly, I’d probably be playing hockey or be in a band.

Sean:  Has it been a challenge to stay with the signature Cannibal sound through the changes in metal over 30 years?

Paul:  Not really!  We’ve stayed constant through the fads and fashions of metal – this is what we do.  It comes out of us, it’s embedded into us – there’s never a shortage of ideas.

Sean:  You’ve been averaging an album every 2-3 years, with Skeletal Domain released in 2014.  Can we expect a 2016 Cannibal album?

Paul:  Probably more like 2017.  We’re doing this tour (with Cattle Decapitation and Soreption), then we start a tour with Testament.  We might be writing by June, so we might see an early 2017 album.

Sean:  What’s it like hearing your influence in modern metal?

Paul:  It’s odd to me because I basically invented the blast beat.  There are other drummers – Mike from Suffocation, etc. – but I basically invented the thing, and it’s sometimes weird hearing something I created in someone else’s music.  We’ve definitely left our mark – in 500 years, people will still be listening to Cannibal Corpse.

Sean:  Who would play you in the movie about your life?

Paul:  It depends on the stage in my life, but the two answers I’ve heard are either Howard Stern or Weird Al.

Sean:  Your band is infamous with controversy – as recently as 2014, protesters led to some Russian shows being cancelled.  Does the controversy drive you or impact your writing and performance?

Paul:  These are honestly minor inconveniences for us anymore.  We actually feel worse for the fans than anything.  But it doesn’t bring us down – we let it slide off our backs.  (Laughs.)  Any press is good press, right?

Sean:  Lastly, there are lots of bands out there trying to be the next Cannibal – any advice for them?

Paul:  Don’t.  Don’t try to be the next Cannibal.  Be you.  All we did was write music.  Whether you want to do death metal or ballet, just be you.  Don’t be the guy asking, “How do I make it?”  You have to fail.  You have to screw up.  Life’s too short – if you want to do it, do it.  Otherwise, you’ll just look back and ask, “What if?”

(Side note:  Paul was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and I’ve met lots of people in my time.)

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