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Live Interview With Affiance!

In Kevin‘s final most recent string of live interviews, he caught up Patrick (drums) and Brett (guitar) of Affiance!

Kevin (PSAB): So what is everybody’s name and duty in the band?

Affiance: Patrick Galante-Drums
Brett Wondrak-Guitar
Dennis Tvrdik-Vocals
Dominic Dickinson-Guitar
currently bassist-less

Kevin (PSAB): How did you guys come up with the name of Affiance?

Affiance: That name goes way back. We were with our first guitarist and original lead vocalist before we recorded anything. The vocalist really liked that name and that is where it came from.

Kevin (PSAB): What does that name mean to you?

Affiance: It’s were the word fiancé comes from. So it basically means being faithful and keeping your word. Which is what we do in our music and lives.

Kevin (PSAB): Did you guys expect to be where you are now when you started?

Patrick (Affiance): When Dennis joined the band, absolutely. He is the driving force and will not give up on anything. I wouldn’t have not gone to college and left everything in Boston behind to move to Cleveland with out even trying out for the band if I didn’t think they were going somewhere.

Kevin (PSAB): So you just up and left?

Patrick (Affiance): Basically. No audition or anything.

Kevin (PSAB): If you guys had to collaborate with any musician or band who would it be?

Patrick (Affiance): Keith Buckley from Everytime I Die. that would be amazing to have him on one of our tracks

Brett (Affiance): Chino Moreno from Deftones.

Kevin (PSAB): What would be the best show you have ever played?

Affiance: Our last show in South Africa. It was a 400 person capacity room and there were 600 there. We had people watching through the windows. Dennis was hanging from the rafters and dropping on the crowd. Headbutting my guitar for no apparent reason. We were even playing on Killswitch Engages backline.

Kevin (PSAB): On the flip side, worst show?

Affiance: Lubbock,TX with FIt For A King. It was torrential downpours outside. We were playing in an art gallery of all places. The singer of FFAK was being slightly shocked because it was raining through the ceiling to the inside. By time it came for us to play, we couldn’t because of the electricity. The venue said they wouldn’t pay us. It was just a horrible show all around.

Kevin (PSAB): Any certain tour or band you would love to play with?

Patrick (Affiance): Not to sound like Nickleback, but I just wanna be a rockstar. Not necessarily for the attention. I just love playing in front of crowds no matter how many people are there. And a certain band would probably be with Linkin Park. Shout out to Chester.

Brett (Affiance): I just like what we are doing as long as I can pay my bills, I don’t care about being a “rockstar.”

Kevin (PSAB): What would you like to say to your fans and upcoming fans?

Affiance: We just crowdfunded and album, so to all of the people that helped us out(no matter how much), thank you so much. The album will be out in March and all of the names will be in that. Just thank you for even looking at our CD

Kevin (PSAB): Any last words?

Affiance: Stay true and don’t unprofessionally set yourself on fire.

March 11th at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, OH free EP release show for “Gaia”

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