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Let The River Swell – Reassembled [REVIEW]

Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Let The River Swell’s debut EP, Reassembled, is a four track album with about 12 minutes worth of material. The introduction track “Reassembled” starts with the piano being played. Soon thereafter, drums start to play accompanying the piano, and vocals in the background surface at around 1:00. This serves as a good introduction to the next song “Against The World.”
The last track on the album “Cold Streets” starts out with a more old school metalcore feel, and the vocals by Devin are mostly high screams throughout. This song is very melodic as a whole, and reminds me kind of old Killswitch Engage or Trivium. There’s a small breakdown at 2:00, however this breakdown is not the normal chugging on guitars, but mixes the chugging of guitars with vocals by Devin. Right after the breakdown, a atmospheric break comes in with clean singing in the background. The song ends with a guitar solo which fades out. 
Reassembled overall is a decent EP, it is not too heavy and sounds like old school metalcore. If you are into Killswitch Engage, Trivium, or As I Lay Dying you may enjoy Let The River Swell.
Score: 3 / 5
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    I’d give it a solid 5/5

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    I like it

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