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Left To The Wolves – War Upon The Modern Age [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore/Death Metal
Left To The Wolves’ is a deathcore band from Lexington, Kentucky. War Upon The Modern Age is their debut EP, and it was released on January 12, 2013. The album has five songs and roughly 20 minutes worth of listening material. The sound of the album is pretty straight forward deathcore, with a mix of modern death metal. Also there are some melodic progressive tones here and there between the individual songs. 
“War Upon The Modern Age” is the title song from this EP, and it is the third song on the album. The pace of the song is upbeat and fast, and it never really lets up. It sticks to a lot of guitar riff-age throughout the song, with the exception of some guitar chugging here and there. This song has a nice mix of the two, not one is overdone or underdone, and makes it a lot less boring to listen to compared to some deathcore songs out there. The vocals vary between low screams and high screams, and the low screams are what is used the most in the song. Both type of screams sound good, but the high screams have a black metal-like sound to them. This only adds to how good they sound.
The following song is “The Scars of Time” and the pace of the song is a bit different if compared to the previous song. For the first 40 or so seconds, it is a slow build up, but breaks quickly into an upbeat and fast pace. There is a bit more guitar chugging and overall standard deathcore sound in this song, but they do not stray away from a death metal sound with guitar riffs, blast beats, etc. The low screams and high screams are just as good in this song than the last as well, and the former being used the most than the latter.
War Upon The Modern Age is an album mixed with modern death metal and deathcore. Some of the songs have more modern death, and some have more deathcore. It’s the best of both worlds with this album, and that is something I really enjoy. The vocals are good and work well with every song. I definitely recommend you giving Left To The Wolves’ debut EP a listen, and if you have a spare five dollar bill lying around, definitely pick it up.
Score: 3.5/5
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