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Krimson Saint – For What You’re Worth [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Groove
Krimson Saint’s debut single “For What You’re Worth” starts out with regular screaming and quickly transitions into a groove pace and sound. Right away you can tell the audio quality needs to be improved, because I think this was recorded live. The song continues its normal pace/sound until 1:00, which at that time there is clean singing heard in the first chorus. However, the vocals go back to normal mid screams/regular screams. and the instrumentals go back to its groovy sound soon after the chorus. The song ends out with a guitar solo.
I think with some improvement overall, Krimson Saint would sound a lot better. I really think the audio quality holds back the listener from really enjoying the song. Other than that, the song was decent and the guitars really stand out in this song. If you’re into groove metal, give “For What You’re Worth” a listen!

Score: 3/5

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