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Kin Beneath Chorus – Futuristic Composed [REVIEW]

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Genre(s): Death Metal / Metalcore
Futuristic Composed is Kin Beneath Chorus’s first full length album, and it is also their debut album. Their sound, I would say, is death metal with metalcore influences. They stray away from the guitar chugging metalcore that people tend to listen to, so there is none of that here. Futuristic Composed is a very upbeat and fast album. 
“Nothing is Sacred” is the introduction track and it is a pretty good song. It has some melodic/technical parts in it, and you could also hear some of the metalcore influence as well. There are some parts that have minor chord chugging, but most of the song is straight death metal. The pace of this song is upbeat. The instrumentals are very well done, and the vocals have a good amount of variety; low screams, high screams, etc. The audio quality, like the other songs, is good and everything can be heard clearly.
The following song is “Beyond The Dynamic” and it has a grittier feel to it. Unlike the previous song, this has a more progressive sound to it but still has a melodic overtone. The one thing I noticed about this song more so than “Nothing is Sacred” is that this song is a lot faster and “in your face.” This is especially noticeable with the amount of blast beats used in this song. However, as upbeat and fast it is, it does have some parts that take the song slow and really focuses on certain parts of the song; like guitar work and vocals.
Futuristic Composed is a well put together album. It gives you over 10 songs and roughly 40 minutes of materials. Though it seems you cannot purchase it digitally, you can still pick it up physically for 10 euros. The instrumentals and vocals in this album are great, and the audio quality/production is good as well. It has a lot of elements of progressive and melodic death metal, but still has some minor elements of metalcore. If you are a fan of death metal of all kinds, or any kind, you should check out Kin Beneath Chorus!

Score: 3.5/5

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