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Kill The Innocent – Black Widow [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Death Metal / Melodic Metalcore
Kill The Innocent’s single “Black Widow” combines elements of death metal and metalcore. If I had to put it into one genre, it would be old school metalcore. It reminds of how metalcore use to sound, before the “era of guitar chugging.” This single has a very good pace, it is has really good flow from each part of the song to the next. There is some groove and melodic elements you can hear, which I believe, adds to the flow of the song. Instrumentally, it sticks to a melodic sound with very minor guitar chugging parts. The vocals stick to low, mid, and high screams. All the screams are well done and all work well in the parts they are in. 
If you’re into old school metalcore, or bands like Killswitch Engage, maybe old Trivium, old Unearth, etc. You will probably like Kill The Innocent and this song. But if you don’t like those bands but are a fan of melodic metalcore, you should also check out this song.
Score: 4/5
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