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Kava Hu – Tales From The Dark Side: Part I [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Djent / Progressive Deathcore
Kava Hu’s most recent EP release Tales From The Dark Side: Part I was partially an unknown album that released late in 2013. This kind of album is one of those hidden gems you would find and absolutely love listening to. It has a lot of djent elements, deathcore elements, and experimental elements. It combines those three for a really enjoyable listening experience.
“The Unwanted Child” is the second song off of this EP. It sticks to a progressive deathcore/djent sound for the entire song, but they throw in a lot of experimental parts in that make it sound awesome. The vocals used in this song are low screams, high screams, and some shout screams. Each type of scream is used in different parts (or in combination) in the song to really show how the vocals and the instrumentals work together to bring a great sound to the listener. Basically, this song is really good.
The following track is “The Key” and it is a bit heavier when compared to the previous song. The instrumentals are changed a bit in this song, but this mostly due to addition of guitar chugging. However, they do not stray away from the progressive/djent sound they had in first two songs on this album. There is also some melodic parts thrown in, like a guitar solo near the end of the song. The vocals are low screams and high screams, and are sometimes heard layered over each other, like near the end of the song as well. There is some talk shouting thrown in too.
Tales From The Dark Side: Part I overall is an upbeat paced, experimental sounding, and progressive sounding album. It has only four songs and roughly 15 minutes worth of materials, so it’s a pretty short album. But within those 15 minutes, there is a lot of good music to be heard. I definitely recommend this EP if you’re into djent, progressive deathcore/metalcore, or experimental metal. It’s only three euros (about $4.12 USD), and I think its worth the price.

Score: 4/5

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