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Jordan Miles – III [REVIEW]

Genre: Instrumental / Heavy Metal
Jordan Miles is a guitarist who has put out three instrumental albums over the course of two years. His most recent release III continues the pace the last two albums, The Seventh Shade of Gray and Beyond The Unknown, had. III has eight tracks and roughly 40 minutes worth of materials. 
“Broken Reflections” is the second song on this album. It starts with an upbeat guitar sound with drums accompanying it. It keeps up the same upbeat pace for a while, except for some guitar solo-like breaks in between. There a full blown guitar solo starting at 1:01 until 1:28 then transitions back into the normal pace of the song. Then transitions into an ambient/calming sound at 1:55 that lasts until 2:36 which transitions into another guitar solo. 
“The Apparitions of Csejte” is the sixth song on this album and is one of the few songs that have vocals. It starts with an eerie guitar tone that soon is accompanied by drums until vocals come in 0:55. The vocals have an old school type of sound to them, and if I had to put my finger on it, it would be similar to old school heavy metal. There is a breakdown at 2:00 that lasts until 2:29. The vocals are not bad nor degrade the song, but I could see some people not enjoying these type of vocals. Since they’re not screams but singing. 
III is a decent metal album. I am not typically a fan of heavy metal but this album is okay. I am more of a fan of Jordan’s instrumentals than a full song with vocals, as I really enjoyed his previous album The Seventh Shade of Gray. I applaud him to trying something new for this new album though. If you’re into an old school heavy metal-like album, you should give this a listen, or any other albums by Jordan.

Score: 3/5

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