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Review: Iona Grove – Breathe

Iona Grove is a 5-piece melodic hardcore band from Denver, Colorado. At a running time of about 11 minutes long, Breathe is Iona Grove’s debut EP. It can be listened to and picked up on Bandcamp. A quick remark on the EP: short and sweet.

First thing to point out is the solid production. Bass, guitars, drums, and vocals come in clear and nothing overrides anything else. By the way the songs are structured and sound, you get the impression that a breakdown will happen every couple measures, but that is not the case at all. Breathe is exactly how Iona Grove describes it: melodic hardcore. The screamed vocals go on next to catchy, Bury Tomorrow-like leads and The Color Morale-like rhythms. The best example of this is “Firestarter.” It starts off with triplet leads with a full rhythm alongside. “Firestarter” is a pretty catchy song with a lot of melody in the rhythm guitar track.

“Redwoods” starts off like a The Color Morale song, and that is not a bad thing. After the intro it gets in a more unique sounding song and definitely shows off Iona Grove’s stamp on melodic hardcore music. I really liked the leads and drum fills over a simple rhythm; it accents a gentle, yet heavy atmosphere. The guitar tone is heavy, but not so distorted that you can’t hear the notes being played.

Last, but not least is “Endurance.” It is  heavy and harmonious at different times, but it works. It is alike to the other two songs by having a charming atmosphere, but different by how it’s done. “Endurance” breaks off into the mellow charm Iona Grove has showed us all through Breathe. The song doesn’t soften up on you for too long because it goes back into a heavier groove with screamed vocals again and ends like that too.

Rounding up my thoughts, Breathe is a pretty good EP. It surely does not overstay its welcome and leaves you wanting at least a little more. The vocals had a raw sound to it, but not raw as in shredded vocal chords. I found the drumming to be interesting and suitable for each song. The melodies and rhythms were tight and show off what Iona Grove is all about.

Rate: 7.5/10

If you like this kind of stuff then it would probably be more in the 8/10 field. What do you think of Breathe?

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  • Meralgod on

    I think this EP is beautifully written and the instrumentals are insanely well done. It’s a breathe of fresh air. The lyrics are some heavy shit that match the melodic yet heavy instrumentals perfecrly.

    • Andriana on

      Yea totally! Breathe definitely left me wanting more from Iona Grove

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