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Review: Invert the Idols – Condemnation

Invert the Idols is a 5-piece death metal band from Albany, Georgia. Condemnation is a self recorded and produced EP that released June 13th, 2015. It can be purchased on Bandcamp, the Google Play Store, Amazon, iTunes, and listened to on Spotify.

My first impression on Condemnation is that it is a heavy EP with death metal and deathcore elements. Yeah I know, deathcore is rooted in death metal, but you know what I mean. The vocals, guitar, and even the bass hit hard. Guitar riffs are heavy and mean to violate. The low tone and slam-like tracks the bass plays makes your stomach churn, but in a good way. The vocals range from low death growls, to high screams, to pig squeals. I don’t mind when a band sticks to one vocal style, but I think it adds a lot to the sound and chaos when the vocalist changes things up. It also displays the vocalist’s versatility.

Getting more into detail on what you can expect when listening to Condemnation: after a brief intro, the EP gets going right away. Chugging riffs with ever-changing vocals and fast double bass conquer your ears on “Liar/Deceiver.” This song is at a moderate tempo that is great for the beatdown riffs and crazy vocals. “Liar/Deceiver” has moments that are very fast, but they revert to the moderate tempo to play slower and heavier riffs. “Necrology” is similar in the sense that there is a good tempo for playing tremolo picked riffs and good for beatdowns. However, “Necrology” is a song that has a deathcore feel to it at times. The way the song is structured and played out is what gives it a deathcore feel. Other than that, it is similar to “Liar/Deceiver.” I’m not saying they sound the same, at all, but the two songs have similar things going on, but are still different songs.

The last two songs go well together just like the first two songs did. “Devour” and “An End to Everything” are very heavy songs with a lot to headbang to. “Devour” has a great start to the song, great transitioning, and a very gory sound to it. The vocals on this track are killer and are just perfect for the track. It is easily my favorite track from Condemnation. “An End to Everything” is a song that is fast and heavy. There are plenty of death metal sounding riffs and a few beatdown riffs. What separates “An End to Everything” from “Devour” is how much more like death metal “An End to Everything” sounds. If you want the more prominent sound of death metal from Invert the Idols, then this song and “Liar/Deceiver” are the songs to check out. Other than that, Invert the Idols does a swell job combining slow beatdown riffs with fast death metal and insane vocals. The riffs and guitar and bass tones give Invert the Idols a unique sound. Condemnation is a pleasure to listen to and I recommend it if you seem relatively interested in anything I have mentioned about it.

Rate: 8/10

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