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Interview with Zealot!

PSAB: There is a lot of power behind the vocals. Is that from feeling/relating to the music or do you do something before doing vocals?

Zealot: It’s a good mixture of bonding with the lyrics, feeling the emotion in the words and feeding off of them to also put out emotion and power in my vocals. Also the style of vocals I do are just louder than most in general.

PSAB: As a band that has worked with a promotional page like Chugcore, how would you describe the impact it has made, if any?

Zealot: It has definitely made an impact. It has allowed us to develop relationships with the people behind the pages and inquire about business moves we should do to better our careers for the long run. It has also allowed many more people to discover us that may or may not have been possible before. So it has definitely been a plus working with chugcore.

PSAB: Are you satisfied with Unwanted//Unloved? Do you want to do something different in the future?

Zealot: I am extremely satisfied with Unwanted||Unloved, the only thing I would have added was trap beats and air horns. For future music Id love to have more heavy hardcore style breakdowns mixed with our style from U||U. But we have already begun work on our full length and it’s definitely a step up from U||U. It’s going to be extremely cool, I believe everyone will enjoy it.

PSAB: Where did the name Zealot come from?

Zealot: A long time ago the band was labeled as a Christian band so our friend found the name in the bible and it kinda stuck. It still works even though the band is not labeled as a Christian band anymore. All of us in the band believe differently so we changed it so we could write about the emotions we all go through. I am a Christian, some of the rest are atheists, and agnostic. We wanted to write music everyone can relate to and connect with, whether you’re christian, atheist, catholic, or anything.

PSAB: What is your favorite song of yours? Why?

Zealot: My favorite song is butcher me, but I also really love: unloved, long forgotten, open doors, and hate.

PSAB: Have you played with any notable acts you want to share?

Zealot: Notable bands we have played with that stand out. I would say our boys in Sworn in, reflections, after the burial, rings of Saturn, the faceless, barrier, darke complex, counterparts, villains/yüth forever, oceano, Kublai kahn, emmure, the acacia strain, fit for a king, sylar, Norma jean, and exotic animal petting zoo. Not to mention the tons of incredible local bands we have slayed the stage with in our home state and every state we have played in.

PSAB: Any last remarks?

Zealot: You can snag U||U for free from our bandcamp. Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind in this interview

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