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Interview with WolveXhys!

Band: WolveXhys
Genre: Brutal Deathcore / Death Metal
Q: Where does the band name “WolveXhys” come from?
WolveXhys was originally the name of a solo dubstep project I had around early 2010, it is pronounced “Wul-ver-rees”. After releasing 3 self-produced E.P’s i finally gave up the project but kept the name for miscellaneous things such as my Gamertag etc. At the time i was majorly into Marvel comics; Wolverine specifically hence the start of the name and incorporating that into the latter half of my forename. 
Originality at its finest. after putting it on hiatus for 3 years, I re-approached the project by taking a more niche and alternative approach to it influenced highly by Cameron Argon (Big Chocolate/Disfiguring The Goddess/Commissioner) and after collaborations with various musicians such as Reece Fullwood (Eumeria/Into Inertia) and Lee Wincott, I then approached C2 Recordings who i had previously worked with in 2012 in a band called “I, Burden”. Due to their high level of professionalism and experience, somewhat OCD in production and incredible ability to write, I decided to write an album with them under the name WolveXhys and form an album as a hobby, one track a month, which then progressed into a serious band.

Q: You’re pretty new to the scene, starting in 2013, why did you start so late?

I’ve been playing shows, in and out of bands for 6 years, I’m only 20 and I found musicians had let me down time and time again with their work ethic and commitment what not so it’s not that i’ve started late so to speak, it’s more that I was able to actually work and get stuff done so people know about Wolvexhys this time and we wouldn’t be wasting our time. WolveXhys is also my comfort zone, I’m finally playing the music I enjoy so I’m a lot more happier showing it to the world as not only a musician but a representative of my own sound regardless of how niche the audience may be or the majorities opinion.
Dave our newest member has been playing shows longer and has had a similar experience with his previous musical endeavours which was a huge benefactor in my decision to invite him into the band, his writing style is very similar to TBDM so I can’t wait to get writing with him!

Q: You’re sponsored by Pure Deathcore, how has the experience been working with them?

So far Pure Deathcore have been great to us, really professional guys and great to work with, they announced WolveXhys as a sponsor a while back but after a renegotiation they are re-announcing us a little more extravagantly March 7th. We’re also sponsored by a UK based clothing company called We Could Be Heroes Clothing.
It’s companies like Pure Deathcore, Total Deathcore and of course Pig Squeals And Breakdowns that prove to be essential when a small time band is looking for publicity especially considering WolveXhys was originally a solo project, at the time, the publicity was gold. Whenever possible I always like to thank people personally who have given us shout outs or publicity at it really does mean alot when people look twice at something you’re passionate about.

Q: Your single “Enslaver A.D” came out recently. How has been the feedback from fans and other bands?

The feedback has been overwhelming, within 2 days of the release Terrorizer Magazine have invited us to feature on the cover CD, an online feature and a page spread of the April 2013 edition, The Metalheadz,105FM Welsh radio metal/rock show want me in for their first live interview, we’re getting shout-outs across the Internet from over in America, Germany, Iran, Mexico, etc.
That track I didn’t expect do even get noticed as I was looking forward to the second release more after hearing the instrumental demo C2 had sent over to me but it really did blow me away, people were very kind with their words and it was astounding. I can’t wait to release Cannibals on March 30th as that track blows Enslaver A.D out of the water in my opinion!

Q: How is the local metal scene in West-Midlands, UK?

Unfortunately the “Metal” scene died in the midlands in 2010 and since then it’s been hardcore, pop-punk, hardcore, pop-punk, hardcore, however I’m fairly certain the south is still clinging on. I don’t nessesarily have a problem with hardcore but it’s just not my prefered genre, i’ve seen some incredible gutteral vocalist join hardcore bands just to shout and it’s kind of demoralising however there are still some great metal bands figurheading the underground around here like Demoraliser, Memories and Odessa which does give me hope that deathcore will rise again in the UK.

Q: Your debut album Servants of Penance of Purification is set to release in November 2013. What are your immediate plans for that album?

We’re planning a huge album release show in Birmngham with some killer bands, merch, light shows, DJ sets after, etc, etc. We can’t give details away right now as it’s going to be a massive suprise but it’s going to be in December and considering we’re already planning it now you know it’s going to be a night to remember!
The following January we have began plans to go on a UK tour with Memories but we’re still in the brain storming stages of that obviously. As soon as the album hits the shelves though it’s non-stop gigging for WolveXhys anywhere and everywhere we can go!

Q: Any shout outs to give?

I’ll always want to thank my Dad for his constant support from the early days up until the present, he has always taken a huge role in my decisions, managed my finances regarding music and transported me across the country countless times and no doubt will until I decide to pack it all in whenever that may be. The guys in Memories/C2 Recordings for helping me out with the music, producing WolveXhys, taking me with them across the country and just generally being the coolest guys. 
Also, everyone who has stuck by me through the criticism, still held interest in my music instead of conforming to popular belief, everyone who has ever come to any of my shows, streamed my tracks, liked my pages, brought a ticket, shook my hand, everyone I taught vocals to, the ones who inspired me, the ones who have given any kind words my way, etc. It may be small but as I said previously it will always mean the world when someone takes time out of their day to look twice at something you’re passionate about.
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