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Interview with Wide Awake Nightmare!

Band: Wide Awake Nightmare
Genre: Death Metal
Q: Where did the band name “Wide Awake Nightmare” come from exactly?
The name Wide Awake Nightmare came from the Slayer song Angel of Death, which I’m sure you’re familiar with. It’s from the line “Abacinate, eyes that bleed, praying for the end of your WIDE AWAKE NIGHTMARE.” It’s right before the guitar solo.

Q: Why does your band have three vocalists? What was the reasoning behind it?

We believe that three vocalists is perfect for a very interesting experience for the listener. Our bass player, Nick does the majority of the vocals. Our guitar player, Rob does minor backup vocals, but he does most of the songwriting. I, Max do most of the backing vocals. Since my screaming and vocal range are relatively high, it is the perfect contrast between high and low vocals, rather than just one vocal sound the entire time.

Q: Your EP Uncertain Oblivion was released on March 22, 2012, what was the feedback of the EP?

Uncertain Oblivion was generally pretty well received. Which we are very happy about. Even though we are very happy with how the EP/demo came out, we are working extremely hard to improve and define our sound.

Q: The year 2012 is nearly over, have any plans for early 2013?

2013 is going to be a huge year for us. We’re planning on playing a ton more shows and possibly doing a small tour over the summer. But most importantly we will be recording our first full length album entitled “The Grand Deception” in upstate New York in a professional studio. We’re extremely excited about it and love all of the material we have written for it so far, we think it surpasses the quality of our EP by miles!

Q: Does your band have any influences, that is not music related?

We draw influence from many other places besides music. All three of us absolutely love Edgar Allan Poe and his work influences us greatly. We also draw a lot of influence from mythology, especially Norse and Greek. But we honestly are influenced by everything from warfare, gore, movies, comic books, you name it.

Q: What is the “underground scene” like in New Jersey?

If you’re speaking about the underground death metal scene then from our experience, isn’t flourishing. There are some quality death metal bands here and there but the majority of the bands around here tend to be metalcore. Not that metalcore is bad because we do enjoy a lot of it but there really aren’t any heavy, gore obsessed death metal bands around. So the death metal scene could definitely be better, and it would be really cool to see it expand.

Q: Any shout outs to give to the readers?

Shout outs? Sure! We’d really like to thank our great friends in Forbidden Territory for helping us along the way so far, they’ve been great! Also our great friends from Buffalo, NY, Armageddon who you should definitely look out for in the future. Lastly, check out our friends in This is Not a Game of Who the Fuck are You all the way from Stockholm, Sweden and definitely look out for them soon! 

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