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Interview with WeaksaW!

Band: WeaksaW
Genre: Deathcore
Q: Where does the band name “WeaksaW” come from?

“WeaksaW” doesn’t have any particular meaning. It sounds good to us, the double W and the K in the middle allow us to make a cool logo, with the roots crawling outside the K, and that’s it! Plus, when you google WeaksaW, hello, we’re all alone, which is pretty interesting considering the huge number of young metal bands.

Q: How is the local metal scene in Montpellier, France?

It’s pretty dynamic, there’s a good and recent friendship between the bands which makes things easier, to organize gigs, tours etc, but we don’t have a lot of local metal bands. Bands you should check are Gravity, which are very active and good friends of us, Hord, Detoxed, Antropofago, Hecatombre, Lessen, We All Need A Plan, Walrus Resist, The Algorithm, freshly Montpellier-based. We also have members of the almighty Uneven Structure, a band that you should definitely listen to. I wish there will be more kick-ass young metal bands within the few years on our local scene.

Q: When your self-titled album came out, how was the feedback?

The feedback was reserved. People kinda like the technical, modern and tight stuffs on the record, but on the whole it was too generic and “cold”, with a certain lack of humanity maybe. We’ve tried to be more “organic” on our mini Ep, “James Huston Jr”, to play things straight from the heart, and people seem to like the path we’re taking, so it’s pretty encouraging for our next releases!

Q: You’ve been dozens of shows since 2008, which one has been your favorite thus far?

Last week end (9th of February), we’ve played pretty far from home, in the north of France, near Paris. The venue was the nicest we’ve ever experienced, we were treated like princesses, the bands we’ve played along were awesome (ultra love to Dead Cowboy’s Sluts!) and the crowd was insane ! I spent the whole show with a smile on my lips, and the aftershow was “mefi de faire attention”, which means great. Everything perfect, best show ever!

Q: You’re currently signed with Season of Mist and Klonosphere. How has been it working with them both?

Klonosphere is a great label to work with. The boss, Guillaume, is the guitarist from an excellent french band named Klone, which you may have heard of (they toured with Gojira and their albums are breath taking). He is a musician, he’ve been throught all the troubles a young metal band can face, he always give us wise advices. Klonosphere has a very good reputation on the french metal scene, we’re very proud to be a part of it. The metal-oriented medias in France have talked a lot about our first album, so we’re really satisfied with the job done by Klonosphere.

Q: What are your current plans for 2013?

We’ve released a free mini Ep, “James Huston Jr” in January, wich you can download on our website. This EP is a short glimpse of the future work of WeaksaW. We’re currently writting and reharsing a lot, 2013 will be a busy year for us: a lot of shows, writting process, maybe a clip, and keeping on booking as many gigs as we can.

Q: Any shout outs to give?

We would like to thank Salva, Sophie Thomas, Sophie Dubois and Pierre Fromentin for their excellent, constant work and dedication, the awesome bands we’ve played with (check them) : Dead Cowboy’s Sluts, Atlantis Chronicles, In Arkadia, Yurakane, Grorr, Dawnof Justice, Exile, Dwail, Nephalokia, Right To The Void and I’m forgetting many of them, and all the people who gave, give, and will give us a chance to play in their town. Stay tuned friends, sexy french stuffs are coming: http://www.facebook.com/WeaksaW?fref=ts

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