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Interview with Watch Us Fade!

Band: Watch Us Fade
Genre: Deathcore
Q: What were your reasons for choosing the band name “Watch Us Fade.”

I believe that the name Watch Us Fade came storming out of nowhere and jut seemed to click for us. For quite a while before we got any actual music made, we toyed with various different names; most of them which were shite. Then it was our guitarist at the time whom suggested the name Watch Us Fade to us; and we accepted. Ever since then its just sort of stuck; and has become a part of what we are.

Q: Your most recent EP, Into The Fade, was released in September. How was the feedback?

Into The Fade wasn’t so much of an EP as messing around a little bit with our pals trying to create something for a laugh. However, when we started to distribute it amongst our friends; we found that we had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to it; despite the fact that some of the songs didn’t even made sense of have much to them in the way of…well, anything really! Some comments were raised about the mixing; which I admit; wasn’t the greatest. But since then we have definitely improved upon our music to a whole new degree.

Q: When can we expect new material in 2013?

In a couple of months! Since our original drummer and guitarist left the band we have refined our musical skills and completely redeveloped our genre and style. Whereas before we emulated a sort of metalcore type of music; since the departure of previous members we have only got a great deal heavier and a great deal more brutal. We now play a sort of fusion across a wide range of the more extreme sub-genres of metal such as black, death and grindcore; and to be honest, we fucking love it! We aren’t really a band that takes everything super serious, as we prefer to have fun when we make our music; but to us the new EP is like our baby. We’ve got aggression, power, sorrow and despair all combined into a boiling pot of around six tracks, which we should be recording in mid February to early March. The new release will be called Past, Present, Hell  and will be free to download.

Q: You’re currently not signed to a record label, if you had the choice of any label to be signed to. Which label would that be?

I think that I would most likely go for Metal Blade records. The reason for this being that it holds some of my favourite bands such as Amon Amarth, Whitechapel and Cannibal Corpse; and being signed to a big label like them would get our tracks out to way more than we ever could peddaling our wares across the local scene and desparately trying to get some people whom listen to metal to give us a chance, haha!

Q: How’s the underground metal scene in Tamworth?

Absolutely shite. There is quite literally nothing in the style of what we do. We’re a tiny little town just north of Birmingham, UK – so the greatest amount of metal that we can claim is to be the birthplace of Blaze Bayley…wonderful. There is basically us and one or two other bands that can claim to be “heavy metal” and we are the heaviest of them all. But in ways I suppose that is good because we look out for each other, and let each other know if there are any opportunities for gigging. Only the other week we got told not to bother turning up for a gig as they didn’t like ‘our kind’ in there. Bastards.

Q: What are your views on illegally downloading music?

Shite happens. All of the Watch Us Fade material will always be available as a free download as I strongly believe that music doesn’t belong to anyone. Although I assume companies will tell me wrong…artists should indeed be paid for the work that they have done; but at the same time I would never say no to giving out free tracks because it will always increase your publicity. I wouldn’t ever turn someone away because they can’t afford our EP – especially around here, everyone seems to be broke! So yeah…illegal downloading is fine by me.

Q: Any shout outs to give to the readers?

If you are fans of true brutality then please head over to our pages and give us a like/follow/whatever. We really could use some little publicity so we can actually be heard outside of our hometown! We will be releasing some extremely heavy material soon so stay tuned; cause we’re cranking up the volume. Stay brutal!

Answered by Connor Sanders, vocalist of Watch Us Fade.

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