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Interview with Tongue Tearer!

Genre(s): Blackened Death Metal/Deathcore
PSAB: Where does the band name “Tongue Tearer” come from?
TT: Tongue Tearer comes from an ancient torture method back in the medieval times to teach people to keep their mouth from running. It’s a message we want to spread out to our fans to not take shit from judgemental people.

PSAB: You’re new to the scene, only being around since September of 2013. How has the experience been being a new band and trying to get out there?

TT: Its pretty fun and hard at the same time. Our first show was at school and it was pretty successful.

PSAB: You plan to release a new song in about three months. What can we expect from that song?

TT: Black metal influences and insane vocals.

PSAB: What bands play an influence on your music the most?

TT: Mayhem, Darkthrone, Carnifex, The Black Dahlia Murder, Rose Funeral, Bauhaus, Cradle Of Filth, Marilyn Manson

PSAB: How is the local metal scene in Chandler, AZ?

TT: It’s alright not my style of music there is a lot of metalcore bands that sound generic like 80% Sumerian Records bands
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