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Interview with Then The Wave Came!

Genre(s): Progressive Death Metal/Groove
Location: Kent
PSAB: Why did you choose the name “Then The Wave Came” for your band?
TTWC: We were having trouble coming up with a solid name, something that
encapsulated what we were going for as a band for quite some time.
Luckily for us Ben’s an avid reader. Whilst reading Terry Pratchett’s
“Nation” he came across the line “…and then the wave came.” It
immediately resonated with him, he brought it to the table and the rest
is history. 
PSAB: How was the feedback when you released A Vicious Retort? Are you still receiving feedback now?
TTWC: The feedback was positive, though hardly vast. Understandable, given
the trillions of bands all vying for attention. It’s gone pretty quiet
feedback-wise since, though we’ve had a couple of solid reviews from
fans. We’re still trying to build up some “hype” as it were but it’s a
struggle. All we can do is keep trying, and try we shall. 
PSAB: What do you do outside of creating music? Your hobbies, if any. 

: Pretty standard, really. Videogames, movies etc. No surprises. I do a
bit of design work on the side (saves the band money, always a bonus)
and Sam does enjoy a party. Other than that pretty much everything we do
revolves around music in some form or another. 
PSAB: What’s the metal scene like in Kent?
TTWC: It’s certainly not as thriving as it used to be. I imagine the same can
be said for many an area in the UK. We’ve got some solid talent round
these ‘ere parts but not enough decent venues to accommodate, and
turn-outs aren’t what they once were. Makes you appreciate those people
who go out of their way to show up to a show though, that’s for sure. 
PSAB: What kind of music did you listen to growing up? Does that music play a role in your music now?
TTWC: When I was (much) younger I was pretty much raised on Prince &
Madonna. It was my uncle who truly got me into metal, my first true love
being White Zombie. From there I found Fear Factory, Pantera, Ministry,
Machine Head… all the good older stuff that leaned more on the more
aggressive side of things.
I think Ben and Luke’s tastes were pretty
similar, more hip-hop orientated until nu-metal was a thing and from
there branched out into many a metal sub-genre. Sam was raised on
Fleetwood Mac, The Jam and The Clash before getting into bands like Red
Hot Chilli Peppers and Foo Fighters, getting heavier from there.
Nowadays we all pretty much listen to anything that sounds good,
regardless of genre and it definitely all plays a role in how we write,
especially with the new material we’re working on for the album. Variety
is key. 
PSAB: Have any shout outs to give?
TTWC: Certainly do.
Foreboding Ether, At World’s End, Devolver, Mutagenocide, Magnitude,
Blacken The Name, Infected Dead, Mantora, Transcending The Flesh and any
of the cool bands we’ve played with just looking to make a name for
themselves doing what they love. A shout-out to Anthony at The Ivy as
well for giving us a decent venue to play at for so many years now and
Graham Waller for recording our shiz and helping us get our music out
there. Awesome people.
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