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Interview with The Wolves Remain!

Band: The Wolves Remain
Genre: Metalcore
Q: Why did you chose the name “The Wolves Remain” for your band?
I honestly can’t remember where the name came from! I think it just came to mind, and it worked so we stuck with it!

Q: You released a new single named “Unworthy” released recently. How has the feedback been?
The feedback we’ve had up to now has been absolutely incredible, we’re unbelievably grateful that people willingly give us feedback whether it be positive or negative! Fortunately everybody seems to be enjoying the track, and that makes us very happy that people enjoy our music!
Q: How is the local metal scene in Liverpool?
The scene is still alive and kicking! There’s always a decent amount of people at our shows which is a confidence booster! It’s nice to see them all there having a good time with us!
Q: You’re recording a new EP for 2013. When can we expect it to be released?

No dates are set in stone as of yet for our new record, but I’m going to say anywhere between June and August, it’s a broad time scale but we’re currently writing for it so we’re taking each day as it comes! We wouldn’t want to rush it and release something that is not to the best of our abilities! We’re going to make sure that this EP is some of the best material we’ve ever written for you guys!

Q: You are not signed to a record label as of right now. If you could be signed to any record label, which label would it be and why?

That’s a tough one! I think Rise Records seem to be doing a lot of great things, sending a lot of awesome bands out on awesome tours! Signing to them would be an honour! It’d be unreal being on a label of such a high caliber! 
Q: What are your plans for this year’s summer?
We’re hoping to have a lot of shows to play in summer! We’re hoping to have a few festivals and all-dayers to play too! We just need some promoters to hit us up! We’ll have a lot of new material to perform for everybody, so we need as many shows as we can possibly get! 
Q: Any shout outs to give?
We’d like to give our boys in Our Imbalance a shout-out! If you haven’t already checked them out we highly recommend that you do!
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