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Interview with The Oracle Effect!

Band: The Oracle Effect
Genre: Deathcore / Djent / Ambient 
Q: Where does the band name “The Oracle Effect” come from? Also, what does it mean?

Our band name didn’t have a special meaning! We had the word oracle in our heads and someday we came out with this. Maybe some weed and beer influenced it 😀 

Q: How was the feedback for your EP, Gondolonia?

We were really blown away! I mean no one really knew us before but since we released Gondolonia everything went better! Shows came in and we met alot of new friends and fans! So over all i think Gondolonia was a good success for us and we hope that we can play and write more songs for you guys!

Q: What is the local metal like in Krefeld?
I think we have about 3-5 metal Bands in Krefeld right now, but im not really sure! Krefeld isnt the biggest city at all so we know the other bands really good! You should check them out!

Effacement (ex. Effacement Of A Witch)
Passing Moments ( Rafael and Daniels second band)
Never Beard A Lion

Q: What plays an influence on your music? This could be bands or something unrelated to music.
Q: If you could play live with any band ever, which band would that be and why?
We can 😉 The Korea because they had the biggest influence for each of us in the band! We cant wait to hit the stage with them on April,14th!

Q: What are your plans for the rest of this year?

Releasing our new single “Daydreamer” to play more shows and maybe we start to write new music for our Debut full length!
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give?
Thank you for giving us the chance to answer your questions! Also a big heart goes out to everyone who checked us out or came to one of our shows! It means a lot to us!
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    Damn Bro.
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