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Interview with The Obliteration Project!

Band: The Obliteration Project
Genre: Hardcore / Mathcore / Grindcore / Progressive
Q: What does the band name “The Obliteration Project” mean exactly?

Well, I originally named the project “OMGWTFBBQ” due to the intensity of the music… but that didn’t seem to fit as I begun to write more music. Eventually, I chose “The Obliteration Project” because it just sounds overly destructive, just like how I want my music to sound! And what does it mean? Uhm, I guess you can refer it to nuclear weapons, that’s what I thought about when I chose the name.

Q: What is the local metal scene like in Lake County, IL?
One word: Hardcore! Many of the biggest underground hardcore bands like Sworn In, Barrier, Monsters (R.I.P), and Kingmaker. So you can imagine that it gets pretty heavy down here. I mean, not EVERY band is hardcore, but it’s a big trend in Lake County.
Q: Your debut album, Truthless, recently released. How has the feedback been?
A lot of people enjoy it, and it’s been spread across many netlabels and random Russian websites… Also, Russian people apparently hate my music lol. Refer to my older facebook posts! 😉
Q: You have chosen to release your demos and album for free download, why did you choose this route instead of charging listeners?
Mainly because all of my music is DIY, so that means I don’t have to pay anyone to mix, master, and etc. Therefore, I just want to get my music out there, and have as many people enjoy it!
Q: What one band plays the largest influence on your music and why?
Cephalic Carnage. I remember in Freshman year, I listened to their album “Lucid Interval” and said “I want to make music like this”. Also Ion Dissonance has a huge impact on me! 
Q: What are you goals and/or plans for the rest of this year?
I want to do a couple splits with some good grindcore acts, and I want to put together another full-length. I also want to perfect my mixing and mastering skills too. 
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give? 
Thanks for this interview! <3
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