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Interview with the MetalHead Box Subscription Service!

PSAB: The MetalHead Box covers metal across various genres. Are there monthly genre focuses? 

MetalHeadBox: Hello and thank you for your interest in The Metalhead Box! Well, we do have plans to one day, soon, have genre specific boxes. We ask all our subscribers their favorite genre of Metal at check out, with the intention to one day give them boxes full of the genre they truely prefer. But in the meantime, they will not be disappointed, as we fill each box with some really cool items. Items that are exclusive, rare and some hard to find, and sure to please any Metal music fan.

PSAB: PSAB: What makes MetalHead Box stand out from any other monthly subscription?

MetalHeadBox: The Metalhead Box is a subscription box for Metalheads only. There are a couple or few others out there, but they are no where near what we have to offer. These other boxes, not to bash them, are very generic. A box filled with one bands items only (what if you are not a Nightwish fan?), filled with CDR compilations, photocopied flyers, or No Doubt posters (yes, No Doubt posters in a Metal subscription box!, as seen on YouTube). Our boxes are filled with only quality items and we all work very hard to find these items. I like to use the line “Metalheads take Metal very seriously, and so do we at The Metalhead Box”

PSAB: PSAB: Will there be holiday themes?

MetalHeadBox: We really wanted to have a Christmas themed box for December. But this year unfortunately it will not be. That is not saying there will not be something “Christmasy” in this box though. We are still looking for the right items.

PSAB: PSAB: The November box is already sold out! As a startup company, tell us your thoughts on this. How do you feel? What do you think this means?

MetalHeadBox: I am not going to lie, we were a bit nervous as to how The Metalhead Box would be received. There are a lot of Metalhead Elitists out there and we thought we might get killed about the idea on the internet. But the response has been 99% positive. We decided that the first box would be limited to a certain amount and to our utter surprise, it sold out in only a couple weeks. A surprising number of Metalheads subscribed right away, and we are so grateful. Even now people are pre-subscribing to the December box at an again, surprising rate. Each monthly box moving forward will still have a limited number available, but as we grow, so will the number of available spots. Feedback from fans and media has been very awesome! One thing we really enjoy is having the opportunity to work with amazing companies, record labels and bands. We are glad that there is an interest in our company, and very appreciative of all our subscribers and support received so far.

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