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Interview with The Endeavor!

Kevin caught up with deathcore band, The Endeavor!

Kevin (PSAB): What is everybodys name and duty in The Endeavor?

The Endeavor: Garrett Biasillo- Vocals
Trevor Rothaas-Guitar
Trent Gifford-Guitar
Jordan Gentry-Bass
Justin Betterton-Drums

Kevin (PSAB): How did you guys come up with the name of The Endeavor?

The Endeavor: It means an everlasting goal and that’s what we are trying to achieve. We went through a few other names and nothing really hit us like that one. It was the first one that really stuck.

Kevin (PSAB): Was that long process?

The Endeavor: Not really. It was honestly about two weeks before we came up with that name and here we are.

Kevin (PSAB): Being from a really small town (Brownsburg, IN), how was it trying to get into the scene?

The Endeavor: We are a lot younger guys than most of the bands in the scene so in the beginning we really didn’t have a lot of respect from anyone. For awhile it was like , “Why are these kids playing this shit?”. Eventually after playing more shows we just kind of made our way into it.

Kevin (PSAB): Out of all the shows that you have played, what would be the craziest thing that has ever happened?

The Endeavor: Last Friday our show got cancelled, and got moved to a coffee shop. But the craziest show would have to be last year when we opened up for Chelsea Grin and Carnifex. I(Jordan Gentry) had never done vocals before until that show.

Kevin (PSAB): What would be the worst experience at a show you have played?

The Endeavor: Um…the first one? haha. or Powerman 5000 in Kokomo,IN. We didnt fit at all on that show. They couldn’t get their shit together and sound check took like an hour.

Kevin (PSAB): Whats the writing process for you guys?

The Endeavor: Jam. Just sit there and jam. We try to just sit in our rooms and write stuff and it never goes as planned. (Garrett) It’s always better when im not there. They write some of the best stuff, then i just show up and write to it. (Jordan) Like yesterday we just wrote some sick shit yesterday. He should really check it out ahah

Kevin (PSAB): What would be that, Oh shit we made it moment?

The Endeavor: Tours..Play with Parkway Drive.(Trevor’s dad) your supposed to say so i can buy my dad a crib…haha

Kevin (PSAB): I guess that kind of answered my next question of who would you love to collaborate with?

The Endeavor: We all have different styles but collectively – Parkway Drive, Carnifex, Phil Bozeman, Randy Blythe, Frankie Palmeri, Vincet Bennett.

Kevin (PSAB): What is one thing you think is over used and also under used in the genre nowadays?

The Endeavor: Over used would be blast beats. (Garrett) Like we just write basic shit. We dont try to make everything insanely hard to play to impress anybody. We just play what we wanna play. (Trevor) That’s kind of why i like not being on a label. We are not tied down and get to play whatever we want. We have djenty, metalcore, slam, deathcore. Our new stuff is like black metal.

Kevin (PSAB): With that very diverse of playing, what would be your major influences?

Garrett (The Endeavor): For me from day 1 it was always Chelsea Grin.

Trevor and Trent (The Endeavor): Like we have videos from like Five years ago in his room playing Devil Wears Prada and Chelsea Grin. Its just weird acting like that years ago and now we are playing with some of them.

Kevin (PSAB): What do you have to say the original fans and also upcoming fans?

The Endeavor: To the original fans id have to say sorry that you had to witness all that. Sorry for the early shit, Its lit now. Our writing processes are so much better now and way more matured.

Kevin (PSAB): Any last words?

The Endeavor: We are just here to have fun. We never thought we would be playing shows at all. Now we are opening a sold out Sumerian Records show with Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, and After the Burial. Thank you guys

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