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Interview with The Bleeding Process!

Band: The Bleeding Process
Genre: Deathcore
Q: Where does your band name “The Bleeding Process” come from?

I (Johnny, vocalist) studied English Literature and Language in college and although or the most part it was boring feminist shit we did briefly touch on mental asylums in the 1940 – 50’s which picked up the pace for me a bit. They used to believe that insanity was caused by ‘bad blood’ so used to bleed the patients from their main arteries, usually inner thigh and wrists in an attempt to bleed out the insanity and cure them. This was called The Bleeding Process and to me, was just nuts considering this was only 60 years ago.

Q: You’ve shared the stage with a good amount of bands; The Bridal Procession, Martyr Defiled, Continent, etc. Which one has been your favorite so far?

So far, it has to be Martyr Defiled! They have been a collective favourite of all of ours for a while so when the chance came up to play with them we jumped at it. Such a good band and despite what we heard, some of the most sound and down to earth guys we’ve met and played with. They really enjoyed our set as well which was a massive boost for us, spurred us on to do more with the band as we’re apparently doing something right!

Q: Your EP, Martyrs, released recently. How has been the feedback for the EP?

The feedback has been brilliant from Martyrs to be honest, we were a bit cautious as we recorded and mastered ourselves but it proved to be worth the effort we put in! We had a few positive reviews, one that springs to mind was Heavypetal, was a bit of a back handed review. Started off saying he wanted to hate it but ended up not being able to find much fault so that pleased us.

Q: You’re currently not signed to a label. Which label would you prefer to be signed to the most?

So many great bands are signed to so many labels that’s actually a difficult question! We’d ideally like to be working with the larger ones like Metal Blade, Earache and Nuclear Blast who just signed Thy Art Is Murder. We’d throw ourselves 110% into a label so hopefully the hunt won’t be on for too long.. Let’s see what this year brings.

Q: You’re currently working on a new EP for 2013. What can expect from it, and will it be similar to your Martyrs EP?

Yeah we’ve got a few ideas we’re just starting to put into practice now and seeing what works, we’re very pleased with what’s being done so far and can’t wait to show you guys! The material we’re writing now is slightly different from the tracks on Martyrs, in the same vein and still heavy as fuck, but something everyone can always move to. Having a track that you can constantly chuck yourself about to is key! We’ve just dropped a new track called ‘Plagues’ which we are also currently working out a lyric video for, it’s kind of like the stepping stone from Marytyrs to what we’re going to be doing now.

Q: What bands play an influence on your music?

It’s mental how much music we as band listen too. When we say a bit of everything, we literally mean EVERYTHING. Obviously we have the heaver hitters like Whitechapel, Suffokate, All Shall Perish and Martyr Defiled, but individually it’s hard. I’d say our guitarist Jimmy draws a lot of inspiration from The Acacia Strain whereas Tom is more Feign orientated. Kip (bass) is into his post hardcore, Dance Gavin Dance, Norma Jean and often provides us with the melody to our tracks. Will (drummer) takes a lot from Joey Jordison and other old school band, so when you throw it all together you really get a bit mix it gives us a bigger sound. Vocally and lyrically I’d have to say mine would be Nick Arthur ex Molotov Solution or Hernan Herminda from All Shall Perish.

Q: Have any shout outs to give?

First would have to be to Adam Rooke, the man responsible for our lyric video, top bloke and knows what he is doing, seeing what he’s doing with this video is blowing our minds! Our boys in Murder Circuit need a mention too. They may not be as heavy as us but they are one of the hardest working bands we know and definitely deserve something for their hard work. Fourth Autumn and Charnel House too, both amazing bands and great boys, beyond us why they don’t have more exposure man.


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