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Interview with The Alchemyst!

Genre(s): Experimental / Melodic Metalcore
PSAB: Why did you guys choose the name “The Alchemyst” for your band name?
TA: We went through a huge list of names that just weren’t cutting it for us. We were almost called “Ossis” which has some meaning in Greek mythology, But simply enough it comes from the fact that we have many different genre influences in the band, like we were the ones doing alchemy with metal, through genre blending.

PSAB: Your EP Double Tap released in October of 2013. How was the feedback for that EP upon release, and do you still receive feedback now?

TA: Initially it did great. We had a lot of feedback and the shows soon following the release were so fucking intense, The whole crowd in a packed venue singing along to the chorus is just one awesome feeling, we’re still seeing many people come back to us with great feedback. The biggest thing we’ve heard is everyone wants physical copies, so we’re looking into our options there.

PSAB: You use a lot of different genres in your music; death metal, pop-punk, blues, hardcore, etc. Why do you use so many different genres in your music instead of using genres that are usually coupled together?

TA: The reason we use so many genres in the band, is that is what makes us, well us. Our drummer Wil comes from a Hardcore background, Mike our rhythm guitar comes from a metalcore/punk background. Kenny our lead, is a grunge kid who loves melodic metal,and really anything, He’s like a tall hippy sometimes haha. Our original bassist Jon came from a thrash metal background. Our bassist now “Porkchop” likes literally everything. And for myself (Cody) I come from a death metal background, our influences as a whole have definitely grown and we all mesh up, but we still definitely do a lot of experimentation. I think that’s what gives us an edge over many bands, we have a popular sound but, we still maintain our signature.

PSAB: Since you use many different genres in your music, what bands from those genres played an influence in your music?

TA: As far as genres there are so many bands I could name that influence us, or individual members. I’ll start and say mutual influences: Everyone loves After the Burial,Upon a Burning Body, Becoming the Archetype,Blink-182, Sum 41, Periphery… Kenny has a huge influence with Darkest Hour, Suicide Silence, Nirvana, Eminem.. a few others I can’t think of off the top of my head. Mike loves DH as well, Nirvana, AFI, Old As I Lay Dying, Johnny Cash, Breakdown of Sanity, Wil is really into Gwen Stacy, Attila, a lot of Ska that I can’t even come to think of at this moment. Porkchop has so many influences I think he is just influenced on Music itself. For myself, Chimaira has a huge part in my soul, and is the reason I even do vocals. The Black Dahlia Murder, Acid Bath, Lamb of God, Johnny Cash, Aesop Rock, Deftones, The Cramps, Dead Kennedys, I mean the list could really go on for days!

PSAB: If you could be signed to any record label, which label would that be and why?

TA: I think for me personally, I’d love to be on Solid State Records, I’m not really religious, and neither is most of the band but we have a few friends on the label that we respect and care about like older bros. Not to mention a lot of kick ass bands. But, I think Sumerian would be another cool one considering most of the mutual bands we all listen to are on the label, or maybe Famined Records, who doesn’t wanna be a label with Arbiter 😉

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers out there?

TA: Faith in Fallacy, WHATUP!?! To our fans actually reading this. New shit is coming SOON! All other metalheads. Check us out, spam us, ask us questions, we don’t care!

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