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Interview with Terraform!

Genre(s): Groove/Progressive/Djent
PSAB: Where does the band name “Terraform” come from exactly? Also, why did you choose that name for your band?
TF: Terraform by definition is to transform (a planet) so as to resemble the earth so that it can support human life. Terraform grew from the ideas built from our current guitar players Nick Kelly and Josh Solvedt which started to form around a year ago. At that time when the first instrumental demos were recorded, many different individuals tried out, didn’t fit well, or went in and out of showing interest in committing to the project. Basically, Terraform was chosen because the meaning translated to finding a solidified lineup. 
By July of 2013 the name stuck with Nick, Josh, and recruited drummer Mike Schuler; a band mate with Nick in their hardcore project The Opportunist from Iowa. Finally in August of 2013, Terraform found it’s final two pieces. Wisconsin metal band Our Judgment had recently decided to call it quits after returning from tour with Facedown Records artist War of Ages, leaving former members without a determined project. Demos were sent, hangouts were scheduled, and the Terraform brand finally took hold and went live in November of 2013 with vocalist Jake Olson and bassist Chris Galetka.

PSAB: You recently released a single called “Ascending Steps” in December, 2013. How was the feedback for that single?

TF: We were very impressed with the feedback for Ascending Steps. It djents/The Djent-lemens Club exclusively premiered our lyric video created by Swenson Visuals to their some 50k followers, which propelled us to over 1k fans and 4k views in under two weeks. We think Julian Rodriguez (Elitist/Parallel Focus Studios) did a great job and it has been a great experience working with him. We also want to mention our friend/engineer Ben Monroe, he was the building block to our recording process.
PSAB: On that note, when can we expect a new single or new music in general from you?
TF: Our debut EP Dream|Construct is already recorded and is set to release March 10th 2014, information we haven’t released until this interview ;). There are a ton of surprises on this EP; dimension in song composition being one, the rest of the album is not going to sound exactly like Ascending Steps. We’re testing the waters for our full length, finding our groove if you will. One of our favorite things about this band is that every member is determined, and new music will never be far away.

PSAB: You plan on going on tour in the summer. Do you have any bands in mind you want to tour with, or will the tour(s) be done solo?

TF: Yes, tour this summer! We’re hoping we can generate enough hype to show our fans this isn’t just a studio band and have a successful first tour as Terraform. WE WANT TO PLAY SHOWS AND MEET YOU. We do want to bring someone on this tour with us, and have a few in mind. However, we would love to hear suggestions. The tour is from June 6th-21st throughout the midwest area, dates of which are already being booked. If you’d like to hop on a show or book the tour shoot us an email at terraformUS@gmail.com

PSAB: What bands have played the most influence on you music?

TF: Our biggest influences are the bands out on the road right now. It’s what we love and feel we are meant to do. Some musical influences include Architects, Northlane, Substructure, Villians, Modern Day Babylon, Volumes, Tesseract, Periphery, and Adaliah. Other influences include delicious foods, fine wines, natural scenery, quilting, and pets of all shapes and sizes.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans and the readers?

TF: Shout out to everyone who has supported us so far and made this first Single/EP possible. Shout out to A Brand New Tattoo, Horizon Clothing, and After Eleven Apparel. We also want to thank anyone that read this interview in it’s entirety, thank you for taking time to learn about Terraform!

All questions answered by Chris, the bassist of the band.
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