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Interview with Teddy The Bear!

Band: Teddy The Bear
Genre: Happy Brutal Goregrind
Q: Why did you choose the name “Teddy The Bear” for your band name?
Teddy was a endearment that my ex girfriend used to call me. One day she gives me a teddybear and I started it all as a joke…
Q: What is the local metal scene like where you’re at?
Its basically underground, because the media, like TV and radio only supports nationals rythmn like “sertanejo”, “funk carioca”, “axe”, “pagode” and others.. Even the mainstream brazilian bands like Sepultura and Angra arent supported here.
Q: You’re not currently signed to a label, which label would you like to be signed to and why?
I would love it, to get paid for doing something i love. Even if need to change our kind of sound, i started it alone as a joke with friends, i recorded it alone in my house so i dont need any satisfactions for anyone.
Q: If you could play any band, broken up or not, which band would that be and why?
We Butter The Bread With Butter, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Sikth orThe Number Twelve Looks Like You.. Because they are my influences. Maybe Sepultura, The Devil Wears Prada and Bleeding Through too.
Q: You’re relatively new to the metal scene. Why did you start so late?
I used to be vocalist of a metalcore band, played bass for a punk rock band but we never recorded anything because its really expensive here in Brazil..
Q: What are your plans for the rest of 2013?
Teddy The Bear released the BRUTAL (please listen in bandcamp!) a 8 track album, but a Split album with a Powerviolence band called xTHARNx is coming. Release the B-sides of Brutal but in 8-bit/Chiptune (it will be crazy) and maybe an album covering some famous pop songs. (Yeah, in this year Teddy wants to realease 4 albums).
Q: Any shout outs to give?
Brazilians, dont stop supporting bands. But dont be assholes too, you dont need to mob another musical rhythms to make your bigger. Please like Teddy The Bear facebook’s page and listen it on bandcamp and download it free! I would like to thank y’all. Bree bree bree oh!
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  • Anonymous on

    Yay! I saw when you started this shit and I’m so fucking proud of you, bro!

  • Anonymous on

    Thats a really cool brazilian band

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  • gabiih on

    a banda eh br mas soh tem gringo aq

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