Interview with Sunless Rise!

1. PSAB: Sunless Rise has a very futuristic/ethereal sound. How is that achieved?

1) SR:Greetings! Thanks for such a high regard!

The sound – there are several aspects to it. First of all, the source recordings were made with very scrupulous precision. We used to dig down to every nuance, and it took a hella lot of time, of course. Also, we’ve worked really hard on arrangements, especially keyboards and vocals. And, of course, the quality of the recording’s mixing and mastering was outstanding – thanks to Anthropocide Studios.

2. PSAB: Why did you decide to have the lyrics in English rather than Russian?

2) SR: In the very beginning we used to write lyrics in Russian; we’ve started to work on this album’s concept long ago, and it was originally laid down in Russian. But unfortunately it is a definite limitation, and we’ve always wanted Sunless Rise to be heard all around the world, without any limitations.

3. PSAB: Where did you get the concept for “Unrevealed”?

3) SR: Well, it is a very important question for us, and it implies an extensional kinda answer. But we’ll try to make it shorter.

Like it was mentioned before, the concept of this album was masterminded long ago, for we wanted to make this recording unusual and challenging. So, we’ve dreamt up a Universe and named it Siberia. As you probably know, we ourselves are from Siberian part of Russia. This imaginary Siberia is an abnormal and unearthly – a harsh land where everything can happen. Weird environment, inexplicable things… shamans live there. It is interesting to note that the sun never rises in this world – that’s where we’ve got the idea to name our band Sunless Rise.

As time went by (years, actually), the idea used to flesh out with more details. We’ve created our hero and put him in this universe. To test him stretched and to give him a chance to evolve; to show him that every human got a hidden potential. We’ve fully unravelled the concept not longer than a year before the album was finished, the idea of Siberia kind of faded into insignificance, although most other details stayed. Our hero, the most high powered man on Earth, dies during a catastrophe, a planetary disaster caused by his very decisions and actions. It all happens in “Nothing To Save”, the first track, and during the rest of the album he takes a journey from birth to death, and then from death to another birth, finding out how wrong he lived, getting to learn how the ancients used to live, discovering a very special, secret harmony of life – the one modern humanity knows nothing of. A chance is given to him. And his soul passes through some great ordeals, and he learns some elder knowledge, and in the end he gets to the top of the world. His purpose is fulfilled, aeons come full circle, the era of humans is over and there’s nothing horrible about it, what happened is as it must.

The Forgiven” is about his realization of harmony up there on a top of the world and all the horrors beneath, he gets to meet his family that he had deserted right before the cataclysm, for he was shocked and his acts were impulsive. He asks to be forgiven and he is forgiven. But they can’t stay together. One wouldn’t call that a happy end, but so it was planned. The last track (“Sunless Rise”) is about apprehension of the world in its whole, it’s about a rise of a shining soul, and how no darkness can fright you when your soul shines bright.

4. PSAB: “Unrevealed” really pushes the boundaries of tech death, melodic death, and even prog metal. How do you create such music? Do you have to be in a certain mindset or anything?

4) SR: Well, probably we really don’t sound too different from our peers. But we’ve never limited ourselves and we all love the mentioned genres – but not only them. We just create something that we like, adding something intriguing to all our compositions.

5. PSAB: How is the album art on “Unrevealed” reflective of the music? 

5) SR: The cover art reflects the album as much as possible. It shows our hero coming to light despite all the ordeals, the catastrophe. There are no unforeseen elements on the cover. And there’s no sense to describe it, because it only can be fully understood when you’re ready enough for that. If not – then it will stay unrevealed.

6. PSAB: Anything else that should be known about “Unrevealed” or Sunless Rise in general?

6) SR: The most important thing is to set daunting tasks for yourself and to go for it bald-headed. When Sunless Rise started we were living in a small provincial town that had pretty nothing to offer, culture-wise. We were 15-17 years old, our performance was far from satisfactory and we had no composing experience. People were laughing at our ambitions, but despite all those long up and downs we’ve managed to release this album. And we’re ready to grow and move forward.

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