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Interview with Straight To Pain!

Band: Straight To Pain
Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Q: Where does the band name “Straight To Pain” come from?
Awesome question!When we started,we was an hardcore band,we wanted a name that would focus the attention on the immediacy of our music,of our message, like a punch in the face. Nothing special,ahah.
Q: What is the local metal scene like in Savona, Italy?
Well,at the moment we have just two metalcore bands in our town,and fortunately a good hardcore scene;we are born as hardcore band,so we are happy to be followed by a lot of hardcore kids!
Q: What plays an influence on your music the most? This could be non-music
A lot of things..As you can listen in the album “Horizon Calls”,we are strictly related to the Sea,that is the biggest inspiration now.But we take our influences from the human’s soul,from the eternal fight between the good side and the dark side;an endless emotional conflict.About our sound,i think we take a mix from metalcore (Parkway Drive,August burns red),hardcore (hatebreed),metal (devildriver),deathcore (Whitechapel).But we have many many more influences. Look for us and listen!!
Q: When did you get the motivation to start creating music? Was this at random or
were there events leading up to it?
I left my first band,that played punk,and i started to approach some hardcore bands:the positive message changed my life,i became straight edge,and wanted to found an hardcore band too..the result of almost 4 years is here!
Q: You’re currently signed to Senza Contratto. How has the experience been being
signed to them?
We are an unsigned band,so it s a bit more difficult to find gigs,but fortunately we can play a lot with the help of some local booking or sometimes without help.Now we are planning a promotional tour in september (and some last gigs in november) to support our album, then we will be hitting the studio for the next work, and we will search for a label. Stay tuned!
Q: What are your short-term goals for this summer?
We will play at a festival here in Savona,bring some summer gigs in Italy and then start the dates in september.

Any shout outs to give?

We want to thank all the guys at Rude Records,that support our work in Savona; all the kids that support us at the gigs,our families,our friends. See you at the horizon!
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