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Interview with Spawned From Hate!

Facebook – Genre(s): Brutal Death Metal/Slam – Location: Nottingham/Birmingham/Midlands/London

PSAB: Where does the name “Spawned From Hate” come from?

SFH: The name was thought up by Daniel Brookes who was the original guitarist, unfortunately he left the band very early on but we liked the name so kept using it

PSAB: Can you give use an ETA when your EP Accelerated Butchery comes out?
SFH: As it stands the EP is recorded and is currently being mastered in Darksound studios by Anil Carrier (Dragged into Sunlight, Towers of Flesh amount other bands) we are hoping to have the EP released during April 2015PSAB: On the topic of the new EP. Will it be similar or better, than your 2012 EP, Withered & Decayed?

SFH: It will be very different to Withered & Decayed we have a much more stripped back raw approach to song writing where in 2012 we used more melody and progressive elements into the music. Most of these changes are due to several member changes on guitar over the last 2 years and we are at a stance now where we are comfortable as a unit.PSAB: What’s the metal scene like in your area?

SFH: The scene could always be better we have not played a massive amount over the last 12 months while we concentrated on writing and recording the EP we are working together as a band to really bring the extreme scene back to a more respectable levelPSAB: What are some of the bands that play an influence on your music?

SFH: Id say main influences range from Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Devourment etc there is too many to list just anything with groove and power to the musicPSAB: Any shout outs to give?

SFH: Sarpanitum, Unfathomable Ruination, Necrosis, Oblivionized, Kataleptic & Atonement
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