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Interview with Soundfear!

Band: Soundfear
Genre: Death Metal / Deathcore / Aztec
Q: What does the band name “Soundfear” mean exactly, and where did you come up with it?
SOŁTYS: The name of the band came up accidentally. We were young inexperienced  band,  so we started to look for kind of catchy name. From many weird propositions we chose “Soundfear”.  As our style was slowly appearing, one day we realized that the name is made of two words that are essence of our music – it is made of sound and pure fear.
Q: Your EP, 676 released in 2012. How as the feedback then, and do you still get feedback now?
SOŁTYS: We actually didn’t expect that good feedback. “676” opened the door not only to polish, but abroad scene. We received many gigs propositions from all over the Europe, but unfortunately lack of money restricted us from touring abroad.  However, that kind of feedback is really motivating for us. It let us believe in what we do.
Q: You are currently working on your debut LP, when can we expect it and what can we expect from it?
SOŁTYS: We can’t tell you when it will appear, but we can promise it won’t disappoint fans of experimental, technical and bizarre music. Aztec religion and culture will surely stay leitmotif of our LP.
Q: What is the metal scene like in Kalisz?
SOŁTYS: We have lots of rock/blues bands in Kalisz, but we are proud to have a core scene. I don’t think there is something in between we can call a “metal band”. Actually, we are the heavies band in our town, but it doesn’t mean other bands don’t know how to kick in the face.  Unfortunately, there is the other side of the coin – lack of metal groupies J
Q: You are going to be starting your tour with Drown My Day next month, are you excited? What are your expectations?
SOŁTYS: I’m getting boner when I’m thinking of it! Gods, I love touring with Drown My Day. It seems like we are going in the same direction and that makes them the best band to tour with. Be careful with those guys – they know how to drink J
Q: Other than the tour next month, and the potential LP, what are your plans and goals for this year?
SOŁTYS: We are planning to release a single to give metal fans a piece of our LP cake and shoot a music video to it.  In May we are having a photo session with our new drummer and in April we plan to buy our own van.

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?
SOŁTYS: Keep listening to metal, support your local bands, drink, fuck, smoke blunts, horns up. Thanks.
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