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Interview with Soul in Network!

Band: Soul in Network
Genre: Hardcore / Geekdown
Q: Where does the band name “Soul In Network” come from?

Our name “Soul in Network” came first from our will to show the paradox inherent in the online game community in general concerning more precisely the opposition between the creation of several links between players and the social confinement that a large amount of gamers experimented, including ourselves. However, even if this subject gave us our name, lots of others themes inspired us, like the growing number of people who claim themselves “geeks” when all that they make is checking their Facebook and twitter accounts and yack all day like: ” Oh my god I’ve got an iPad, I’m such a nerd ! “. So we can say our name, is simply the expression of what please us like Video games, Comic Books, Manga, Anime, Role playing game and many others ; but expresses equally the rotten facets of this culture.

Q: How is the local metal scene in Strasbourg?

The local metal scene in Strasbourg is as well vast than varied; you can find several styles of band like, Grind; mathcrust, death, deathcore, brutal death, metalcore and a lot more. 
Plus, everyone knows each others. We are lucky enough to have some bands having their fame, like Absurdity or S-core, as well as some associations which allow the bands to rise on stage. 
We are really very satisfied to be able to evolve in such an environment.

Q: You’re not signed to any label right now. If you had a choice on a record label to be signed to, which label would that be?

Concerning labels, we don’t know by now. For the moment, we’re much in a state of mind consisting in doing everything ourselves. But we’re not hostile to the idea of having a label later.

Q: You started in 2012, why did you start so late?

We simply began in 2012 because it is the year when the project which trotted in our heads was finally able to become a reality, thanks to the arrival of Machete and Frank who had the strong will to have a stable and ambitious musical project too.

Q: What bands have played an influence on your music?

The band which influences us most is Rise of the Northstar, mainly by their spirit “Everything done by ourselves ” and by the real rage they are able to inspire. Obey the Brave, Stick to your guns and Gideon are good influences, although in the end it is difficult to answer this question given that each one of us have a relatively different universe, and given that each brings a touch to each song.

Q: Plans for 2013?

For 2013, we have simply for objective to move forward: recordings, clips, and for sure firsts lives.

Q: Have any shout outs to give?

For the moment we have nothing important to say but our words: “We’ve got your back ! “

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