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Interview with Siege of Tyranny!

Band: Siege of Tyranny
Genre: Deathcore
Q: Where does the band name “Siege of Tyranny” come from?
Our name comes from how we feel the government is, just a tyrant with way to much power and it needs to be stopped.
Q: What is local metal scene like in Radford, VA and/or Roanoke, VA?
Our scene is very diverse, we play with pop punk bands one night, then death metal the next night, and other nights we play with poets. There is something for everyone in our scene.
Q: If you could be signed to any label, which label would that be and why?
If we could be signed to any label it would have to be Artery or Sumerian records, mainly cause there really isn’t any bad things said about how the relationship between the label and artists as opposed to We are Triumphant or Victory.
Q: You’re sponsored by Pure Deathcore, how has the experience been being sponsored by them?
It is amazing, they help us reach a audience we could never have reached on our own and we are very thankful for that.
Q: What plays an influence on your music the most? Music or not music related.
A lot of video games, horror films, and crooked, over powered politics all play a huge role in the lyrical content. As for the music, the mind is the only influence, we try to be creative with put straying to far from our roots if that makes sense haha.
Q: What are your short-term goals for this summer?
We are currently trying to get a east coast tour booked and record our currently untitled E.P. before fall.
Q: Any shout outs to give?
Shout out to Pure Deathcore for putting our name and music on blast and helping us get the recognition we couldn’t do on our own. To the fans for all the support, especially Ramsey Thomas for being at every show. And shout out to Waka.
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