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Interview with Sickness in the System!

Band: Sickness in the System
Genre: Death Metal / Industrial 
Q: Where does your band name “Sickness in the System” come from?

There’s a sickness a disease in “The System” it’s broken, it’s corrupt. By the system I mean our whole government, it’s not working the way it should be, people are homeless, people are jobless, people are miserable, taxes are high, suicide rates are high.

I don’t expect to change the world, I just want to show people that there’s something more out there, that maybe if we all stand up and say something loud enough, maybe just maybe someone will hear it and start trying to change it. We’re by no means a “POLITICS BAND” like Lamb of God or someone but we do believe there needs to be a change.

Q: You’re from Chattanooga, TN. How is the underground metal scene there?

It’s awful. No one goes to shows, no one supports anyone else. Everybody’s so cutthroat it’s sad. Now there are a few good bands/people/fans.

The biggest band from Chattanooga is COATHANGER ABORTION who are signed to COMATOSE MUSIC (former home to Pathology) and when they play a home show they usually play to less than 100 people.

Some of the non-metal scenes get a decent turnout, like my good friends OPPOSITE BOX (who are a quasi-metal/punk/funk band very similar to MR. BUNGLE) they always have a good turnout.

We haven’t played a show in a long while. We’ve been focused on finishing “Scarecrow’s Lament”, Dropping our remix album “MENTAL MANIPULATIONS:THE REMIXES” (which came out 1/22/2013). Jamie (Keyboards,backing vocals) and I did a feature length horror film called “GODLESS SAVAGE GARDEN” that’s due in October.  We’re hoping to be playing shows again by April or early May, the album, movie and EP we have coming out are top priority. We’re probably gonna skip on a lot of local shows, I mean we’ll do them but we’ll need to promote them properly.

Q: You’re currently signed to Sick Lens Productions, how is the experience being signed to them?

SICK LENS PRODUCTIONS is great. It’s not technically a record label, it’s a film studio but JOHNNY and PHILLIP (The co-owners of SICK LENS) believe in us, a lot more than they believe in any other band around here or really anywhere. They’re amazingly supportive of us. Anything we need they go out of their way to help us get it. We have 100% creative control over our music and artwork too, which is amazing. They distribute our product and guide us along the way.

Q: Your music is a mix of a lot of different genres; classic death metal, goth, grindcore, etc. Why the choice of using so many different sounds for your music?

We’re 5 people with very different backgrounds, so it was a natural progression for us. If you broke it down by band members it’s like this Jamie’s a noise, synthpop, and death metal guy. So he brings a good portion of the noise influence. I’m a Death metal, Goth rock, djent, J-Rock and noise guy. So most of the death metal influence comes from me. Terry’s a progressive metal, Alt. Rock, and death metal guy. So alot of the progressive edge comes from him. Shawn’s  into a lot of punk rock, some rap metal, mosh and core music. so he brings that mosh-y groove. Ostin’s really into HIM and goth rock, a lot of black and death metal. 

So you see there’s 5 different people influenced by five different things and even then that’s just the tip of the iceberg man. There’s entirely too much musical influence to strictly play death metal, besides it’s 2013 a lot of people want something new and exciting not just some dudes playing some metal, that’s boring. We not only separate ourselves musically, but physically too. We are theatrical without being. 

Q: What one band has played the most influence in your music?
See this is a question with five different answers. The band we have the most in common with is easily DIR EN GREY, so I guess they’d be the answer as a whole if we had to pick just one. But it’s different for each band member.

Terry: Between the Buried and Me, or Fair to Midland
Shawn: (HED) P.E
Ostin: Cradle of Filth or HIM

Q: Your newest album, Mental Manipulations: The Remixes, released recently. How has the feedback been thus far?

Considering the fact that we released this before some of these songs have came out, it’s been nothing but positive, We did get some confusion as to why we released this before “SCARECROW’S LAMENT”, and the honest answer to that is simple…

We’re not done with S.L. yet, this album is the most emotionally gripping album I’ve ever made, I’m by no means a cry-er, but there’s been several times during vocal sessions for the demo version, that I had to stop and cry like a baby. For those of you unfamiliar with scarecrow’s story, it’s an allegory about the tolls of addiction (particularly meth) on the human relationship and the human in general. The reason it means so much to me is that I lived through this with my parents. So it’s really hard for me to sing about my father’s imminent death, or how heartbroken my mother’s going to be at the end of this.

We’re not out to preach, especially me (I’m an ex-addict myself), We just wanted to tell a compelling story. If it helps someone along the way then good. I hope it does, but I’m not going to stop a show to get all FOR TODAY on people. Fuck that.
Q: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers?

Of course. Sick Lens, our record label. Thank you guys for being so amazing Pig Squeals And Breakdowns, thanks for taking the time to interview us Jonathan Grove for reviewing the album. Dropkick Chris and Johnny Harrison for being our biggest fans!  Coathanger Abortion, Opposite box, King Diggy, Transcendence, Crome Molly, Motherfucking LIFECURSE! , THIRD CALIBUR DISEASE, and Dyvon Da Muse. To all our newfound fans and friends, thank you. To our detractors, Keep feeding our rage. and thank you.

Answers by Robbie, the vocalist.
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