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Interview with Shrill Whispers!

Band: Shrill Whispers
Genre: Deathcore
Q: Where does the band name “Shrill Whispers” come from?
Our vocalist came up with it, he liked a part ov lyrics of Chelsea Grin – My Damnation “…taunted by the deamons, their voices are so SHRILL.” and he was like “hmmm, shrill, what can be shrill? Shrill Whispers! and thats how we get our name.

Q: When did you get the motivation to start creating music? Was it planned?

It was individual, but for me it was 13 and been sick of just listening to music, so I decided to change it and started to look some for some mates like me, and we found each other. It wasnt that planned, it was like an impulse, “hey dude wanna start a band?” “why not?”

Q: How is the local metal scene in Bratislava, Slovakia?

Local scene, it is really poor here, but from that what we got 9 out of 10 bands are amazing. But nowadays I’m getting news that new and new bands are in our city so that’s kinda good

Q: What bands play an influence on your music the most?

This is individual, everybody tries to put some of his favourites to our music, but it surely is Suicide Silence, Thy Art Is Murder, Acrania and good old Despised Icon

Q: You recently released an EP, how has the feedback been for that EP?

There was a good feedback, better than we expected, sure we got some haters and people like that, but come on, everybody got them 😀 

Q: What are your plans for this summer?

At the beginning of the summer we got our very first own tour with our dudes from Cranial Void! And the rest of summer? RECORDING! RECORDING! RECORDING!

Q: Do you have any shout outs to give?

Yea sure! Do whatever you can to support your local bands! They try their best to impress, and remember, they are doing it for you!
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