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Interview with Serenade of Sorrows!

Band: Serenade of Sorrows
Genre: Progressive Metalcore / Deathcore

Q: Why did you decide on the band name “Serenade of Sorrows” for your band?

We actually had a hard time deciding on a name for a while after we started writing music, nothing seemed to sit with any of us on the same level. So we figured what we would do is everyone do some homework and write down as many band names as each member could think of, the list ended up reaching well over 100 band names and we all voted on them. All the ones that got at least 3 marks (over half of the current lineup) we put in a hat and picked out of the hat, It was SERENADE OF SORROWS.

The name grew on us pretty quickly as we all draw from things that make us sad or angry when we write on our instruments, kind of our way of letting it out. Most of our songs before the full length was written had to do with pretty sad events that we knew about, either a news story, or a fictional take on a situation that is just sad or almost makes us angry to think of. Funny thing about the picking of the band name was one of the runners up was the name of our full length “DEATH BY UNDERSTANDING”

Q: You’ve went through a lot of drummers and bassists, why is that?

I’m sure any member of any band local or national can relate that finding the right fit can be hard. Our lineup changes mostly had to do with changes that happened in other members lives, without involving past members personal business, peoples direction in music, career and hobby can change over any course of time and each of our members stayed with us for a considerable amount of time, in short they just did not really want to do it anymore whether they wanted to do different music or found other things more important in their lives to pursue. Plus Victor and I (Derek) are pretty hard on our drummers, just ask Rob haha.

Q: You have been around since 2007, why is your debut album just now coming out in 2013?

A lot of this had to do with constantly having to start over with a new drummer, each time we would the majority of our older songs would be trashed or redone to some extent. Each drummer we have had in the band has had a pretty different style from one another and the way the songs were arranged/played previously did not fit well with the style of the new drummer as well as it did the old.

We also were just doing demos, we did 4 demos during that time, one we never released because we did not like the way it came out and the other 3 have been released and were available for download until our newest demo was put up to represent the most current direction of the band. The album has been written for quite a while before we went in to start recording it, and we did not record it in one block session due to our finances. It has been a long time and we are ready and excited to share with everyone what we have worked very hard on.

Q: On that note, your debut album, Death By Understanding, will be out in 2013. What can we expect it to release?

We are shooting for a March date, but the album has vocals and polish left to be done yet, so it could be pushed back. If it is, it will not be by much, we want to get this thing rolling. The artwork is done now and we will be sharing that on our Facebook very soon. We will be putting our album up for FREE digital download when it is released, we are going to make hard copies and put up presales for those and the people that preorder it will get an email the same day with the full album and artwork pics. Price has not been decided yet as we are still shopping for printing companies to get the best deal for the people that want to get a hard copy from us.

Q: You’re currently not signed to any record label. Which label would you like to be signed to?

I am not sure there is any particular label that we would love to be signed to, each label really has a different way of going about each band that it signs and what it does for those bands. I really don’t like the middle man idea very much to begin with, not that labels are bad but you really have to know what your signing yourself and your band mates into. However, if we could tour with any labels currently signed bands I would have to say Sumerian and/or Metal Blade those labels have some of our favorite artists on them.

Q: How is the underground metal scene in Lake Worth, FL?

The scene has its ups and downs here, as far as turn-out, it varies from one part of the year to the next with no real pattern. Everyone has treated us with respect and kindness in our scene down here and there is tons of talent down here and the younger guys are starting up a lot of new bands now and just pushing the envelope with their playing abilities,

We currently have 2 venues/bars that host local and national(touring) bands quite often down here and right now there seems to be a good community going, we will be playing shows again soon after we finish the full length, We have not played a show in about a year now so we are itching to get back out there.

Q: Any shout outs to give to the readers?

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