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Interview with Second to Sun!

PSAB: What is the motivation to make music with prevalent? Where did you get the ideas from?

STS: The sources of my motivation are things that are close and dear to me. These are our dark forests and strict traditions. Emperor were writing music about Norway and estrangement, and as for me, I write about past and present events in Russia. It would be ridiculous if I wrote about bikers or catamarans. Well, bikes are OK, but unfortunately I don’t know anything about Finno-Ugric bikers.
PSAB: How do you play the songs live? Backing tracks? Other?

STS: We don’t play live, just like classic BM bands of the 90s did. Only during rehearsals we turn on background track, use metronome and play.

PSAB: Where did you first hear about Udmurtia and other tribes of the sort?

STS: All our tracks, as you know, are dedicated to Finno-Ugrian nations to which I belong. I’ve known about Udmurtia since my very childhood. When I was in the army, my comrade Dmitriy told me many interesting things about their republic. A Marina Sergeeva, a good friend of mine who works as a schoolteacher, also helps me a lot. She is Udmurtian, too.

PSAB: Do you like writing with guitar or keyboard more? Why?

STS: Guitar, of course. The language of this instrument is much closer to me cause I’ve been playing it since I was ten.

PSAB: What influences, if any, do you have for playing keyboard?

STS: The influences are working for guitar only, I think. I use keyboards just for writing themes. The top spot in the list of such influences holds black metal from Norway and Finland. Also Abigail Williams from States have been a great influence, their music is astounding. And Pantera, of course, there is no way I would skip them. Speaking of melodies – most of them have folk origins, I simply do some rearrangements which results in them becoming to sound “unlike anything else”. No rocket science here.

PSAB: The atmosphere on The First Chapter is spectacular. How did you manage to channel such atmospheres?

STS: It’s very hard to explain. First, I produce and mix music for bands from Russia and Baltic countries on regular basis so I have some decent experience in doing this. Second, I remember the atmosphere of my home grounds clearly, that is why I find it easy to reflect it in the track with sound-recording tools. And this atmosphere is so strong that I can imagine it whenever I write music, just like artists use their imagination while drawing pictures.

PSAB: There is a lot of rich Russian history behind the music. Did you study the history for creative purposes or…?

STS: I used to study to become a psychologist and philologist for Finnish and Karelian languages but I never finished my study because I decided to tie myself with the world of music. As I’ve said before it is closer to me. I read a lot and use to visit the places I write about. What really sets my music apart from the music of others is that the world in my songs is real, it’s not fictional. Only once I have used fiction in my songs and this time is happening right now. Currently our band is working on the track based on the movie ‘Durak’ by Yrij Bykov (2014). I highly recommend it. The movie is very difficult for watching but nothing would explain better why I’m doing the music such as this.

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